To All Field Sports Participants

Dear Readers,

For those of you who are field sportsmen or field sportswomen a critical time is upon us. You have until the 15th of September to fill in the Scottish consultation into protecting wild animals as organised by the Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnston.

So do please fill it in, even though we all know what their silly little game is by now, they have played it often enough. Those more mature readers will recall that during the hunting debate in the late nineties we constantly heard from Labour MPs that shooting and fishing would not be next and that the fox hunting ban was not the thin end of the wedge. Yet the socialists have already started on shooting – surprise, surprise, they claim they only want to ban driven grouse shooting and expect us to believe them this time around.


The truth is many animal charities and groups are a scam you help fund through the generous tax breaks they receive from HMRC. They are an excellent way of avoiding a proper job but they need a supply of gullible ‘marks’ to keep the flow of money coming in. You will be that in their sights one day as they work their way through the hit list of money makers, are you reading this fishermen? Have you had a change of heart since Martin Salter gave parliament this snippet of information in 1997?

“The argument is trotted out that this is the thin end of the wedge, but how is it that recent polls by the Angler’s Mail and the Angling Times show that coarse fishermen are opposed to hunting with hounds in the same proportion as the general public? The argument about fishermen is facetious and has no factual basis”

The Scottish government are in on the scam as they are in the pockets of the animal rights groups. They are not holding this consultation with a view to take on board information supplied by the most qualified or experienced person in their field. Those submissions will be trumped by some class-hating left wing anarchist in some tower block in Birmingham who has never seen a hunt and relies purely on LACS propaganda. Their “in my uninformed opinion”  will win the day if you let them.

So please sign the Scottish Consultation Paper below:


Nigel Bean & Paul Read