Exploding with Rats

BY SUFFOLK & NORFOLK RAT PACK Before the first sunrise of 2023 the pack had assembled. Although some had bleary eyes everyone was rearing to get to work. We received a call from a farmer telling us he needed to clear some bales that he knew were full of rats. He was about to poison them, however he was delighted we could attend at short … Continue reading Exploding with Rats

The Gamekeeper Revisited

BY SARAH GREENWOOD A note follows from Sarah to Dai Bradley (pictured twice below), who played Billy Casper in Barry Hines’ film ‘Kes’. Sarah met Dai/Billy at a showing of Hines’ film The Gamekeeper in Barnsley last month. Ay up Billy! Asta got tahm for a chat? A’ just want t’ clear summat up after that talk we ‘ed ‘t’other neet. at’t Civic It wor … Continue reading The Gamekeeper Revisited

The Truth About Lead Shot

BY BRIAN D DUNN Since the 1980’s a growing political attack on lead as used for shooting sports ammunition has been subject to a massive effort across a very wide base of conspirators driven mainly by animal protectionists backed by Mr Blair’s New Labour government and amazingly evidence exists of Country Sports Representative bodies being implicated as contributors towards the campaign to secure a total … Continue reading The Truth About Lead Shot

To All Field Sports Participants

Dear Readers, For those of you who are field sportsmen or field sportswomen a critical time is upon us. You have until the 15th of September to fill in the Scottish consultation into protecting wild animals as organised by the Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnston. https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WildMammals/ So do please fill it in, even though we all know what their silly little game is by now, … Continue reading To All Field Sports Participants