BBC3 is Marvellous

BY BEN PENSANT There are few institutions more infuriatingly disappointing than the BBC. On paper the Beeb should be cherished by progressives everywhere: state-owned, publicly funded, impeccably PC and overwhelmingly staffed by the kind of people who suffer recurring nightmares about post-Brexit hate crime and Islington kale droughts. Yet it can’t help but let itself down with its rampant anti-Corbynism, regularly smearing and disrespecting the … Continue reading BBC3 is Marvellous

The Corrupt Mess of the BBC License Fee

BY JAMIE FOSTER 1 in 10 criminal prosecutions in the UK are for non-payment of the BBC licence fee. This is a staggering figure that accounts for 180,000 prosecutions involving disproportionately large numbers of women. Single mothers on welfare who must stretch their income to care for their children are particular targets of what can only be described as a regressive tax. This is a … Continue reading The Corrupt Mess of the BBC License Fee

Shooting the Messenger

BY DAVID SEDGWICK It wasn’t that long ago – five years – when in his role as anchor for BBC2’s Newsnight programme, Jeremy Paxman became very sniffy with a certain studio guest named Tommy Robinson. “You are seriously suggesting that young white girls are being sexually exploited by what you say are gangs of Muslim men? Is that what you are suggesting? Seriously?” “Yes,” replied … Continue reading Shooting the Messenger

Let’s Have a Referendum on the BBC

BY JAMES TOWNLEY Since the British Broadcasting Corporation came into existence on the first of January 1927, it has attempted to remain market-free by defending its necessity for impartiality. Its first General Manager John Reith, a Scottish Calvinist, succeeded in building a high wall against the US-style, free-for-all broadcasting model in which the name of the game was to attract the largest audiences and thereby … Continue reading Let’s Have a Referendum on the BBC