The Blitz Spirit and the Media

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN A few years ago I researched a Luftwaffe bomber that was brought down over Cheshire. Unpicking the story was fascinating. I had to delve into RAF archives and intelligence records with ‘SECRET’ stamped in the corner; I was lucky enough to find people still able to remember the event. The tale unfolded gradually, a complex but rewarding process of checking and cross-checking … Continue reading The Blitz Spirit and the Media

Snow – Flake or Provocateur?

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN ‘An inquiry into this period in Britain’s shameful history.’ And so Jon Snow began the Channel 4 News lead story on the evening of Monday 27th February. Keme Nzerem’s report on the abuse of children shipped throughout the Commonwealth under the Child Migrant Programme was indeed harrowing. Though uncomfortable to watch, the reporter deserves credit for sensitively handling a difficult subject. But … Continue reading Snow – Flake or Provocateur?

Stealth Blasphemy UK

BY SAM WHITE As discussed here on this magazine a few days ago, the BBC Asian Network went a little off kilter last week. In case you missed it, they sent out a cheerful message in which presenter Shazia Awan, who just arrived from the Middle Ages, vacuously requested listeners to call in with their views on the appropriate punishment for blasphemy. The corporation had to … Continue reading Stealth Blasphemy UK

BBC Sinks To New Low

BY ALEXIA JAMES This week there has been a furore in the First World about some completely ridiculous legislation being discussed in the Third World. In Pakistan, to be exact. Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday ordered authorities to take immediate action against ‘blasphemous’ content on social media, mentioning Facebook in particular, remove sacrilegious contents and punish the perpetrators, days after a high court order. … Continue reading BBC Sinks To New Low

Eighth of May

BY JON ALEXANDER May the 8th.  Put that date in your diaries.  It could signal the beginning of the end of our once globally respected British Broadcasting Corporation. Over one hundred thousand signatures have been gathered on a petition to request that the UK Parliament discuss the future of the institution which was founded ninety-four years ago, in a world very different to now. For … Continue reading Eighth of May

Zero Pity for the BBC

BY SAM WHITE The BBC, along with CNN, Buzzfeed, and various other media outlets, has every right to be upset at being excluded from the White House’s off camera press briefing last week. But there’s something important the corporation should consider. A significant number of licence fee payers either don’t care, or are positively enjoying the fact, that the broadcaster was left out in the … Continue reading Zero Pity for the BBC