The New Conservative

Dear Readers,

We thought you should be the first to hear about the launch of a new online magazine: The New Conservative, which breathes its first virtual oxygen today. In the spirit of conservatism, whereby conservatives put self-interest second and encourage their kin first, this magazine is well worth a ganders. The new magazine promises to be ‘a forum for conservatives in heart, not name only’, as well as maintaining a passionate defence of free speech:

Our words will almost certainly offend from time to time (they’d be meaningless if they did not); this is not something we shall ever be apologising for.

The new magazine is headed by the writer Frank Haviland, whom many of you may know from the racier posts between our pages. Please give them a follow – we need all the allies we can get in the Light v Darkness battle between illuminating conservatism and charlatan wokery.

And of course, don’t forget to come back!

Dom Wightman

Editor CSM UK & India