The White Privilege Scam


The Left doesn’t do irony. In its never-ending quest to protect victims, it campaigns for more transwomen (men) in female contact sport; aligns gays with political Islam (take pride as you’re chucked off the roof), and encourages children to swap genders like Panini cards – no matter how many of them come to regret the decision.   

White privilege is the latest assault on reality, which attempts to explain why so many of our non-white multimillionaire celebrities, media personalities, left-wing MPs and royal cuckoos are underachieving. BBC Diversity Chief, June Sarpong, threw her oppressed fedora into the ring last week, when she stated ‘white privilege is a fact of life’. It has to be said, the shtick is looking a little tired: 

It must be galling for twice-honoured, well-to-do media luvvies, grinding out a 3-day week at the Beeb for a mere £75k, while homeless honkies enjoy a nonstop Mardi Gras. All the same, the evidence for white privilege is scant. You can tell this by the meaningless jargon used to sell it, ‘unfairness is baked into our system’; the insistence that deniers are suffering from white fragility (latest code for ‘racist’), and the pretence that unequal outcomes can only be explained by inequality, a la David Lammy (who, interestingly, Sarpong once dated).   

The evidence for non-white privilege on the other hand, is overwhelming. Sarpong’s job, for instance, is already redundant. It consists of enacting the BBC’s £100M pledge that 15% of its on-air roles come from ‘diverse backgrounds’ – curious when one considers BAME only constitute 12% of the British population, and already account for 22% of on-screen roles.  

‘The white working-class has more power than those from Black and Asian backgrounds’ trills Sarpong, which must be why Chinese and Indian workers are out-earning white Brits by almost £10k per annum, and why the white working class is the worst performing educational demographic – a mere 29% of whom make it to university (41.2% for black). It’s a shame they can’t pick up any of those Stormzy scholarships, owing to their, er, race.  

White privilege is so strong, Whites are increasingly banned from employment opportunities; despite the illegality of positive discrimination. The BBC has been particularly guilty in this regard, as well as UK police forces (one of whom admitted they’d be willing to break the law to achieve diversity quotas), and others such as Historic England.  

The police are institutionally racist of course, except not the way you’d expect. The UK is now clearly operating a two-tier system. Top cop Cressida Dick grovels shamefully whenever black citizens suffer the indignity of a routine stop, while her officers are instructed to kneel, not intervene against BLM. Thankfully, plod are still at liberty to physically assault peaceful protestors of the wrong hue. I know, I know, George Floyd what a guy – except you didn’t care quite so much when it was Daniel ShaverBrandon Stanley, or James Scott killed by police – they were white, so you have never even heard of them.  

I know, all white people are racist – but you’ve got to admit anti-white sentiment is rather fashionable. If you didn’t know better, you might question why David Starkey’s career was terminated for using ‘damn blacks’ as an emphatic, while Sophie Dukers’ ‘kill whitey’ was laughed off. You might also question why the world and his wife are à genoux for Black Lives Matter: an aspiring and utterly charming political party which views whites as subhuman, as genetic defects who could be wiped out, and whose UK leader refers to fellow blacks as ‘coons’.   

The real conundrum of white privilege is this: why is no one pretending to be white? If it accorded half the benefits we are told, why are white celebrities so desperate to denounce their whiteness (Eminem, Rosanna Arquette, Ellen DeGeneres)? Why do mixed-race celebrities invariably identify as black (Obama, Lewis Hamilton, Colin Kaepernick, Meghan Markle)? And why do whites, bizarrely, keep posing as black (CV Vitolo-HaddadJessica Krug, Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal)? 

Like most scams, white privilege provides a healthy income for its spokesmen (did I mention Sarpong has her 3rd book out – The Power of Privilege), but at a dangerous cost to social cohesion. Some people can sadly never be convinced of the truth: those for whom George Floyd was the second coming of Christ; those for whom rapists and murderers should be above the law provided they’re black, and those for whom Shamima Begum simply found herself on the wrong gap-year course. There is however, no reason for the rest of us to play along.  

White privilege is a pernicious lie. The great irony (which the left can be relied upon to miss), is that non-white privilege is the best recipe for white privilege imaginable.  

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