The Benefits of Being Boring

BY FRANK HAVILAND One of the joys of editing a small magazine is the unexpected perks it brings. It’s far easier, for instance, to make contacts and secure requests for interviews as Editor of The New Conservative, than it is as a mere mortal. However, undoubtedly my favourite benefit is the endless line of scams one is subjected to via email.  I imagine anyone sane would … Continue reading The Benefits of Being Boring

Country Squire Monologues

CSM STAFF WRITER Dear Readers, the Editorial Team has decided that there is a lack of long-form, quality monologues out there from writers and experts. So they have come up with CSM Monologues. The CSM Monologues page can be accessed here. The note from the Editors is below: The Editor, Dom Wightman, has kicked off this new element of the Country Squire Magazine website with … Continue reading Country Squire Monologues

India’s Love of Blyton

BY RUCHIRA GHOSH In India, the works of P. G. Wodehouse, Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton have mercifully never fallen out of fashion or favour. It is through these novels that many Indians learn not only the English language but also about British culture. Even on Enid Blyton’s 123rd birthday, she is as relevant as when I was a child and growing up on her … Continue reading India’s Love of Blyton

Which Lockdown Personality Are You?

BY AMELIA CROSBY It feels like forever since lock-down started and as with any turbulent or stressful moment that comes into our lives, everyone reacts differently. Analysis from King’s College London has revealed that our individual responses to the Covid-19 lock-down can be sorted into three distinct groups: the accepting, the suffering, and the resisting. The analysis based on an Ipsos MORI survey conducted in … Continue reading Which Lockdown Personality Are You?

Circus Bill Submission Ignored

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ Martin Lacey Jr – the circus supremo and big cat trainer – flew over especially from Germany last week to the UK to attend the public oral evidence session of the bill to ban wild animals in circus. He was armed with his own personally-funded empirical scientific data showing there were not any unusual stress levels in his big … Continue reading Circus Bill Submission Ignored