Bear Magnet

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE ‘You seem an odd choice for a guard,’ I told the chap on the door to no reply. He stood pressed against the railing, dressed in Victorian finery and smelling of mothballs. His silence I put down not to rudeness but to his being a stuffed bear. ‘James!’ some lovely voice called from inside. ‘Oh, you’ve met Monty! I’m so pleased.’ This … Continue reading Bear Magnet

Cash Dethroned on the King’s Road

BY NIALL McCRAE Cash is not king nowadays. Certainly not on the bustling King’s Road in Chelsea, where my efforts to buy a coffee were frustrated by a ‘card only’ regime. On principle, my bank card stayed in my pocket, as I offered the exact coinage (typically over three quid for a flat white in this posh part of town). Consequently I walked a long … Continue reading Cash Dethroned on the King’s Road

Malignant Mayor

BY FRANK HAVILAND As a child of the eighties, I hope you’ll forgive my assertion that pretty much any life truth can be found in The Princess Bride (a lockdown must if you haven’t seen it, and well worth a revisit if you have). As a 9-year-old boy, I marvelled at the battle of wits between Cary Elwes’ hero ‘Wesley’, and Wallace Shawn’s criminal mastermind, ‘Vizzini’. … Continue reading Malignant Mayor

Discharge Dick

BY FRANK HAVILAND Who would be a police officer in today’s London? When it’s not high heels, rainbow cars, and the latest colours from Maybelline, it’s being instructed to kneel, so those oppressed Black Lives Matter activists don’t bruise their knuckles as they sucker-punch you. And with whites now advised to attend ‘unconscious bias training’, ‘undo their whiteness’, or suffer calls for the ‘abolition of … Continue reading Discharge Dick

The Cosmopolitan Choke Part III

BY LEE BEING (Part I of Lee’s escape from London to the countryside can be found here.  Part II is here) Everyone is so damn ANGRY over EVERYTHING in London. Because EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL (postmodernism – the prevalent school of thought in the capital).  You can’t voice anything you oppose without taking a deep breath because it’s a hotbed of angry and reactionary, skinless wonders. That, dear reader, … Continue reading The Cosmopolitan Choke Part III

Sadiq Khant?

BY JAMIE FOSTER A quick scan of Sadiq Khan’s Twitter account turns up the usual expected content. World women’s history month appears alongside several tweets boasting about the London Mayor opening the latest artwork to go on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. There are attacks on the Tories for perceived misdemeanours and buy-ins to hashtags like #visitthetheatre. In amongst all of this there is … Continue reading Sadiq Khant?

Car Thieves: from Sheffield to London

BY ASGHAR KHAN Back in 2005 the car theft capital of the UK was Sheffield. Now it’s London. West Yorkshire came in at seventh, proving that car theft is not simply restricted to urban and suburban areas, with thieves operating easily in quieter rural areas. Car thieves in Sheffield back in 2005 were uneducated local lads with links to chop-shops who’d strip down the stolen motors … Continue reading Car Thieves: from Sheffield to London