The Cosmopolitan Choke Part III


(Part I of Lee’s escape from London to the countryside can be found here.  Part II is here)

Everyone is so damn ANGRY over EVERYTHING in London. Because EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL (postmodernism – the prevalent school of thought in the capital).  You can’t voice anything you oppose without taking a deep breath because it’s a hotbed of angry and reactionary, skinless wonders. That, dear reader, is ‘not OK’.

Yes – London is a thriving pool of ideas, creativity, innovation and foremost at the back of all that – the LOOT.  So how is it some genuinely thought-provoking ideas are shunted so aggressively whilst some of the dumbest survive? Because…  they’re provocative.  Can’t have that.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”, said Sir John Dalberg-Acton, and nothing has been truer in the sense that London’s power, and absolute power, has corrupted almost everything the encroaching conurbation swallows up, including the absorption of all the world’s best AND worst ideas, hoovered up into its central nervous system and then dispersed through its various organs and ventricles of bile and blood.

There is a palpable violent undercurrent that bubbles beneath London’s cold efficiency; in the warm smoky haze of the day it’s cafes and shops, universities and cultural centres frolic in the peachy glow; at night giving way to the dressy menagerie and bawdy allure of the pulsing and chattering buck steering and cluttering heals and asymmetry of the young aspirers set for dalliance into the coutured debauchery.  The artisans, the liberal-minded, carefree youth – all knowing; all loving; all tolerant – until they have to inconveniently ignore the beggar, or flee the crack-cocaine addled aggressor; or disdainfully admonish the rare true urban Londoner for their lack of lofty, articulate savvy.

There’s ugliness in beauty, especially when notions of beauty are held to scrutiny through the postmodern lens by many of those bereft of it; who seek to taint it; to tear it down into a postmodern notion of beauty. It’s surface. Design over art. The narcissist’s preoccupation of aesthetic over meaning can only ever relate to the surface in light and to their inner demons at night.

London has become conditioned to be contrived into ever decreasing notions of individuality. The once freakish shoes or homemade punk T-shirts are now off the peg in Top Shop. It’s pre-packaged. The artisan is now the consumer. Original thought is anathema to these conditioned socialites because it exposes their lack of talent. Often those with true talent caught up in this gallery of neo-conformity to try to break through never do, or they sell-out for the notoriety and make their art just as ugly or banal.

The politics of envy.

When did I notice Old London going downhill?

I went to the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, as a mature student to study Sound, Art and Design. I was 30 and surrounded by 18-25-year-olds, many of them getting to this ‘prestigious’ place of learning and paying through the nose for it. In the university, and indeed ALL universities nowadays, you are given what’s called ‘Core Studies’ – these are studies that you did not sign up for but HAVE to take, so it supposedly gives you a more ‘all-round’ education. From what I recall my lectures were about ‘women in photography during the Victorian age’, ‘surrealist cinema’ and ‘kitsch’.  Fine.  All good.  But…  every single lecture – and I mean EVERY single lecture within Core – started with the lecturer (usually a white male) pushing the guilt of ‘white male imperialism’ and that ‘white men did evil stuff’ down our throats.  Now, as someone of a particular age and of the seemingly last generation of critical thinkers, this stuck in my craw, but by GOD these kids absorbed it like litmus paper.

That was back in 2005.

Now we have diversity, LGBT history, LGBT only events, ethnic minority only events, safe-spaces to protect students from white patriarchal bullying or any ideas that conflict with your own set of hand-me-down beliefs foisted on them by the very university that should be educating them and preparing them for the REAL WORLD (remember that?), and of course ‘no-platforming’ speakers that even remotely go against the doctrines of the universities.

These are training centres for insidious think-tanks, experimenting with youthful minds and instilling propaganda of self-loathing within the indigenous population, promotion of LGBT to those barely old enough to necessarily be secure in their sexuality without being beaten over the head with it, and empowering our ethnic minorities into being ‘victims’ who must seek out and take out that grievance to everybody that will listen and everyone who isn’t interested.

With this in place, and with the rise of social media, the political loons and social manipulators, with all their fancy philosophies of transhumanism, trangressionism, Marxism, et al have never had it so good, especially as they are heavily funded by these philosophical extremist cults, and have infected the tech industry, the media, and the universities, and now they’re coming for your pre-schools

I’m all for the youth being politically active, and historically students have tended towards socialism (this is nothing new folks), but it’s not just the familiar Marx and Trotsky ideology we know so well…  this is something altogether far less transparent; far deeper, darker and defter into getting into the minds of the young.

London really is a prism through which a dark light passes and a spectrum of diversity pierces out in all directions; The Dark Side of the Loon. It’s not that I hate London. That’s the trouble.  I LOVE London.  But it’s is fast sinking into the Thames/narcissist Valle. London Bridge isn’t falling down – it’s being raced down by ideologues straight into the walls of Parliament, and just like in H.G. Well’s ‘The Time Machine’, it’s creating a society of Elois as the Morlocks run amok. Infantilised; dogmatised; pseudo-intellectualised – mocking; smug; self-assured yet deeply unstable.

Is it any wonder the Morlocks would rather roll over and capitulate? They can’t be bothered when it comes to great import, except when it directly affects them, and that includes Brexit – “I’ve been robbed of MY future!” – What?  The future your great, great grandparents fought for at your age?  They lack any faith in THEMSELVES because they are taught they are inherently bad. They are always the victim, how can they ever see the greatness that’s been stolen from them LONG before the Brexit vote. They MUST learn that they CAN have a bright future if they APPLY it for the betterment of OTHERS and not just themselves.

I was an Eloi. But now I see the Morlocks and what they have done. Who knows what the future holds. I doubt anyone that claims to know. This is my feeling now I am able to reflect on my 40+ years living in that bubble, emerging from it and seeing what it’s like living away from it.  It’s based on things I’ve learnt – when you feel something not sitting right with you.

It’s weird feeling scared of young people that hate your views because you want to see them do better, but it’s viewed as hateful.  I can’t live like that, so I had to get out.

To those seeking to pack their kids off to these centres of learning in the throng of post-modern ideas; take my advice. Ground them and instil them with pride in who they are and that they are already capable, tell them not to buy into dirty tricks or fall prey to masked education that really just wants another foot-soldier for someone else’s pygmy schemes. Tell them they are good. Tell them never to be afraid to laugh at things they find funny. Always keep your humour.

I’m not the voice of London.  I can’t speak for everyone there. But there are much more disaffected by it than those enthralled by it as each day passes. I’m sure of it. The young are perhaps less convinced by it I think, so maybe there is hope that the loudest and most obnoxious are shrinking in relation to a new youth.  I hope so.  In the clamour of social media and marches of hysteria, it’s hard to know for sure, because the media drowns out the doubters and the critical thinkers.  I know they’re out there and I hope they support my notion that they too cannot relate to their more vocal and sponsored peers.

As Oscar Wilde once said, “The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.” – I suspect he may be right.

Lee Being is a Taunton refugee from culture-war-torn London. A singer/songwriter and budding writer of other things yet to be written. A former London nightlife luminary, seeking the quiet and sensibility of real England with tales to tell of what has befallen our capital from the true, gritty end. No longer blinded by the leftist ideologues; now a staunch classical liberal; libertarian; upwinger; opting for a fresh three-dimensional politic as opposed to the standard two dimensional swing-o-meter much favoured by Peter Snow.