Homo Supermens

BY FRANK HAVILAND It’s in the blood of any decent charlatan to solve problems that don’t exist, rather than face the full horror of their in-tray. Sadiq Khan (no stranger to blood) wants to outlaw misogyny – wolf-whistling you understand, not FGM, Sharia courts or segregation. Health Secretary Sajid Javid wants blood donations to be more inclusive (because worrying about HIV is just silly). Keir … Continue reading Homo Supermens

Malignant Mayor

BY FRANK HAVILAND As a child of the eighties, I hope you’ll forgive my assertion that pretty much any life truth can be found in The Princess Bride (a lockdown must if you haven’t seen it, and well worth a revisit if you have). As a 9-year-old boy, I marvelled at the battle of wits between Cary Elwes’ hero ‘Wesley’, and Wallace Shawn’s criminal mastermind, ‘Vizzini’. … Continue reading Malignant Mayor

Discharge Dick

BY FRANK HAVILAND Who would be a police officer in today’s London? When it’s not high heels, rainbow cars, and the latest colours from Maybelline, it’s being instructed to kneel, so those oppressed Black Lives Matter activists don’t bruise their knuckles as they sucker-punch you. And with whites now advised to attend ‘unconscious bias training’, ‘undo their whiteness’, or suffer calls for the ‘abolition of … Continue reading Discharge Dick

Up Yours Townies

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE Did Thursday’s vote truly mark a seismic shift in British politics or merely reflect one that had occurred long ago? For now we bask in the spoils of victory, most prized amongst them being the look on Rumplecuckskin, John Bercow, as it dawned on him that his dream of a second referendum would remain forever thus. Oh to see hopelessness so visceral … Continue reading Up Yours Townies

Great War Chinese Labourers Forgotten

BY ANASTASIA CHOO The 140,000 Chinese farm labourers, who over a century ago volunteered to leave their remote villages and work for Britain and France in the first world war, have been called “the forgotten of the forgotten”. Over the past decade, the story of China’s human contribution to the Great War has received some of the attention it has long been denied. These peasant … Continue reading Great War Chinese Labourers Forgotten

Pipsqueaks Trumped

BY JAMIE FOSTER Both Sadiq Khan and Jeremy Corbyn are guilty of embarrassing virtue signalling with their silly Westminster protest. They are a disgrace to Britain. Their arguments with President Trump are largely confected. Trump has said things that many people disagree with but on a state visit he comes as the office holder of President of our closest ally. The relationship between the US … Continue reading Pipsqueaks Trumped

Capitalism 10 Swampies 0

CSM EDITORIAL Climate Change activists have been disrupting London’s traffic for a third day. Wednesday’s protest saw them gluing themselves to a Docklands Light Railway train. Now – for some peculiar reason – a bunch of the activists have glued themselves to Jeremy Corbyn’s garden fence. Let’s hope the dogs of Islington do not have to change their peeing habits. Highly unusually we find ourselves … Continue reading Capitalism 10 Swampies 0

The Bitter Momentum Conference

BY ANDREW MOODY It is now the last week in September 2018, and it seems that many still refuse to accept the Democratic process. Look over at the Momentum Conference (it’s not a Labour conference, is it?) going on in Liverpool this week. It’s not as if in last year’s election people voted for these Trotskyites, is it? Labour is just depressing these days for … Continue reading The Bitter Momentum Conference

Bailey Has a Chance

CSM EDITORIAL If London Assembly Member Shaun Bailey does end up as the Conservative Candidate for London Mayor (in this publication we have previously recommended entrepreneur Richard Tice who was removed from the list of candidates) then he will need to up his game after a memorably lacklustre performance in his attempt to win the seat of Hammersmith in the 2007 General Election. Admittedly, that … Continue reading Bailey Has a Chance

Sadiq Khant?

BY JAMIE FOSTER A quick scan of Sadiq Khan’s Twitter account turns up the usual expected content. World women’s history month appears alongside several tweets boasting about the London Mayor opening the latest artwork to go on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. There are attacks on the Tories for perceived misdemeanours and buy-ins to hashtags like #visitthetheatre. In amongst all of this there is … Continue reading Sadiq Khant?

Bring Back Integrity

BY JAMIE FOSTER “For me, comedy starts as a spew, a kind of explosion, and then you sculpt it from there, if at all. It comes out of a deeper, darker side. Maybe it comes from anger, because I’m outraged by cruel absurdities, the hypocrisy that exists everywhere, even within yourself, where it’s hardest to see.” Robin Williams There is nothing new about hypocrisy, it … Continue reading Bring Back Integrity

London’s Voters Must Be Dim

BY JOHN ISMAEL Take London out of the equation and Labour currently poll about 18% across the UK. London is the last Labour stronghold and one is left scratching one’s head as to why that might be. Is it because of Labour mass immigration during the Blair years that tied thousands of London’s voters into welfare and guaranteed them as Labour supporters? The huge increases in … Continue reading London’s Voters Must Be Dim

Conspiring Unions Merit ETSA

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Whether it’s left-wingers hijacking the Junior Doctor’s strike, guerrilla train strikes or hard socialist agitants arranging bus strikes, strikes are costing You – the UK taxpayers – hundreds of millions of pounds every year. In 2014, the Federation of Small Businesses said the cost of a two-day London Underground strike to the British Economy was around £600m. The ongoing Southern Rail strikes … Continue reading Conspiring Unions Merit ETSA