Pipsqueaks Trumped


Both Sadiq Khan and Jeremy Corbyn are guilty of embarrassing virtue signalling with their silly Westminster protest. They are a disgrace to Britain. Their arguments with President Trump are largely confected. Trump has said things that many people disagree with but on a state visit he comes as the office holder of President of our closest ally. The relationship between the US and the UK deserves at least acknowledgement from these pipsqueaks. It is a time to put away petty squabbles and welcome the representative of the country we have depended on for our security for the last 70 years.

What would Labour do if they got into power?

Would they only invite Corbyn’s friends from Hamas and Hezbollah on state visits? This would be an immediate way to risk the special relationship with the United States. Do we really want to throw that away? It just goes to show that Labour is not a serious political party anymore. It is now just a protest movement riddled with antisemitism and infighting. There is no way that it is ready to represent the UK on the world stage. Labour is opposed to a free trade deal with the US post Brexit. They would rather keep us economically stagnant than compromise on their anti-American instincts.

The President represents a country that is a beacon for freedom and democracy around the world. It is also a hugely rich market with great possibilities for free trade. As we negotiate a post Brexit world we will want to be in a free trade agreement with the US. President Trump has said that we can have a free trade agreement as soon as we have thrown off the shackles of the EU. This is as good a reason as any to keep him onside.

There were no protests when the Chinese premier visited this country, No Labour politicians made shows of themselves when the Qataris were over. Somehow when dictators and human rights abusers visit the Left doesn’t feel the need to make a fuss. It is only America that attracts the Left’s ire. Trump is a special case as he is a president who doesn’t tailor himself to the political correctness the Left demands. Hating Trump is like hating Margaret Thatcher. It makes the left lose all sense of perspective.

We should be very protective of the special relationship with the US and very pleased that President Trump wishes to come on a state visit. We should do all we can to safeguard the special relationship and to make him as welcome as possible. Labour is behaving like a minor students’ union posing around a cause.

Sadiq Khan is a very minor character on the world stage. He is picking a fight with Donald Trump to raise his own profile. London is not best served by a mayor behaving in this way. London deserves a mayor who is able to rise to the big occasion and take part in the celebrations. London certainly does not deserve to be dragged down in to Sadiq Khan’s personal crusade.

Jeremy Corbyn is just as bad. As leader of Her Majesty’s opposition he has a responsibility to uphold the dignity of the position. Taking the decision to speak to an anti-Trump rally at a time when Mr Trump is a guest of Her Majesty is beyond contempt. Corbyn is simply play acting to the tiny Left wing protestor crowd and all their spitting hate. It is no way to prepare for the possibility of taking high office. There is no way this behaviour would be acceptable if Corbyn was PM. No one could take a Prime Minister seriously who refused to meet with the President of the United States.

In the end the protests will turn out to be a storm in a tea cup. The presidential visit will be a success despite the machinations of the protestors and the Labour Party politicians. What it does do is give us an insight into Labour at the moment. A party that is more interested in student politics than in preparing itself for government. The priorities of the Labour Party are virtue signalling over the good of the country. Right thinking people will know that they are not a serious political party who should be let anywhere near the levers of government. None of their protests will damage the President but their actions may come back to haunt these two lightweights should any Britons be stupid enough to ever give them a chance of power.

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