Bailey Has a Chance


If London Assembly Member Shaun Bailey does end up as the Conservative Candidate for London Mayor (in this publication we have previously recommended entrepreneur Richard Tice who was removed from the list of candidates) then he will need to up his game after a memorably lacklustre performance in his attempt to win the seat of Hammersmith in the 2007 General Election. Admittedly, that was some time ago.

With Brexit and the Heathrow development pushing against Tory efforts in London, Bailey is up against it. Nonetheless, he has a reasonable chance of winning the mayoralty if he plays his cards right (and presuming someone else is not chosen as the final Tory candidate to fight against the current London Mayor, Sadiq Khan).


First, Khan has more skeletons in his closet than it’s possible to count on two hands and two feet. Bailey will have plenty of kindred spirits working to shine a light on what a rotten Mayor and candidate Khan is. It would be unwise for anyone to follow in the footsteps of Zac Goldsmith in the way certain information gets aired. There are better ways to point a spotlight on the truth.

Second, Khan is becoming known – inside and outside of London – as the Mayor overseeing a bloodbath. London is experiencing a horrifying rise in violent crime, with over 100 suspected murders in the capital since the start of the year. It meant, for the first time, that London’s homicide rate momentarily overtook that of New York, which has the virtually same population numbers. Foreigners planning to visit London are busy asking Google, “is London safe”. And London’s voters are scared. The recent shooting at Kingsbury station brought things home – Kingsbury is normally a safe and sound area. Residents are wondering what Khan is up to and why he cannot put a lid on the increasing violence. They do not believe him when he blames the spike in violence on Tory cuts. So Bailey would be well advised to acquire a microphone and a mate with a film camera fast. Whenever a murder or stabbing happens he should jump on the back of a motorbike and zoom to the location, getting filmed while the sirens blare. Become an ambulance-chaser, literally. Talk to the afflicted families and promise to do more. Bailey should become the natural go-to alternative to the bloody Khan disaster. He will do well from such an on-the-ground strategy and hit Khan where right now it hurts him most.

The Centre for Social Justice’s 148-page document “It Can Be Stopped” launched yesterday in a press blitz by Ian Duncan-Smith will ratchet up the pressure even further on London Mayor Khan. Theresa May will also be feeling the political heat because, as Home Secretary, she spearheaded moves to reduce the use of police search powers in a bid to prevent minorities from being unfairly targeted. Duncan-Smith is all for bringing stop and search back as well as proactively breaking gangs apart – even moving families affected by gang threats out of their neighbourhoods – and he talks a lot of sense. Something needs to be done… the report talks of the police estimating that there are up to 250 gangs and 4,500 gang members.

Shaun Bailey – if he becomes the Tory Mayoral candidate – has plenty of friends who will back him and he’d do well to book a regular cuppa with Duncan-Smith. We wish Mr Bailey well in his efforts to depose the frightful Khan and urge him to start chasing ambulances.