Gay Giraffes & VE Day


Like A-level results, the calibre of ‘racist’ has depreciated of late. You used to be guaranteed a minimum of a swastika tattoo and a National Front membership card accompanying the word racist, but now anything goes. Mispronouncing Kamala Harris’s name is racist, as is a day out in the countryside, and / or camping. So if you fancy pitching a tent with Kamala this weekend, at least have the decency to ensure you ain’t white!

With the demand for racism vastly outstripping supply, alternate avenues are constantly being explored by pioneering leftists. Wilful misunderstandings of intent are now de rigueur, as is the denial of context. Hoaxes have to be carried out when pickings are thin, obvs, and hate crimes are always good to fall back on: saying something that anyone, anywhere, anytime, might possibly perceive as offensive.

You have to admire the creativity. David Lammy’s ‘papal smoke’ was a good shot, as was Afua Hirsch’s ‘poverty porn’. For Gina Miller it was being mistaken for a cleaner (have you ever seen a cleaner with a face like a smacked referendum?). No matter how hard the pioneers toil however, they cannot quite keep up with public demand. Thankfully we have Dawn Butler on hand to scrape the bottom of her Whirlpool bath – you’ve got to get up early to beat, er, Dawn.

No stranger to bullshit, Butler’s CV of nonsensical utterances is already formidable:

And yet, Butler’s recent tomfoolery constitutes something of a new low. Stopped by police at noon last Sunday while travelling in a black BMW through Hackney, Butler took to Twitter with ill-disguised glee:

A week on from the stop, the facts are all out there. The reason for the stop was a mistakenly entered number plate search, wrongfully identifying the car as registered in Yorkshire – for which the police promptly apologised. An undeterred Butler could smell a whiff of the victimhood so recently capitalised upon by Bianca Williams however, and so wasn’t about to let it go.

Undaunted by any more pressing parliamentary business, Butler spent the first part of the week touring TV studios, reliving her ordeal for anyone who would listen, ‘It’s obviously racial profiling’ (the car has tinted windows incidentally). ‘We know the police is institutionally racist’, ‘It’s exhausting doing things whilst black.’

A number of issues jump out at you from Butler’s video, none of which are racism. The first is that despite heavy editing, the police appear courteous and respectful (for the odd second they could get a word in edgeways) – which begs the question, what exactly did she omit?

The second is behaviour which ill-behoves a parliamentarian. Smirking uncontrollably, Butler conducts herself with the smugness of a diversity-appointed Hyacinth Bucket, casually informing the police that she is in fact an MP – the effect of which is little more than ‘Do you know who I am?’

Having lived in London up until my early twenties, I must have been randomly stopped by police on at least 20 occasions, encountering mostly professional conduct. Even on the rare instances where I felt the officers were unnecessarily brusque, I would not dream of plastering footage of them all over social media. How does that officer now feel? Will he face disciplinary action for his faultless conduct? Butler’s performance is a shameful abuse of parliamentary privilege.

Worse even than Butler’s charade, was the rush to defend her; defend her from the ignominy of being stopped by the police while black. ‘Love and solidarity Dawn’ cooed Owen Jones, ‘Big hugs Dawn. Love and prayers’ simpered David Lammy. Even Covid-reduced Boris Johnson could not resist, stating that police must show ‘fairness and equality’.

The real indictment of Butler is not her lamentable ham act however, but her callousness. Vainly fanning the flames of racism less than 24 hours after 17-year-old Jeremy Meneses-Chalarca was macheted to death on Oxford Street in front of horrified shoppers, is about as clear a summation of the left as you can get – they don’t care about ending racism, they are frightened of ending it. Devoid of arguments, grievance is their only currency, and they will do everything they can to prevent the police saving lives.

There is something profoundly wicked in opposing ‘stop and search’ on the grounds that Bingo-bound old grannies do not receive the same police attention as young black men. In other words, the left are more than happy to offer young black lives as collateral damage in their ideological war on ‘equality’.

So tell me again – who are the racists?