Anti-Semitic & Islamophobic

BY ALEX STORY The Left is both anti-Semitic and Islamophobic. The first tag is not up for debate. From Marx to Keynes and from Corbyn to the current Labour Party, the antipathy towards Jews is well established. In his little-known pamphlet “On the Jewish Question” written in 1843, Marx, the holy messenger of the Left, tells his followers that the Jew is an egotistical, Mammon … Continue reading Anti-Semitic & Islamophobic

Keir the Feeble

BY EFFIE DEANS I was horrified by Jeremy Corbyn in a way that I wasn’t horrified by any previous Labour leader. I might have disagreed with previous leaders, but they were within the mainstream of British politics. Corbyn was not. He was an extremist who supported terrorists and quite frankly hated Britain. The one thing that has worried me since 2019 is that every single … Continue reading Keir the Feeble

Mistakes Were Made

BY STEWART SLATER Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is no longer a name to conjure with. But, had history worked out just slightly differently, its bearer would bestride the world if not like a colossus, then almost certainly as the German Chancellor. For, at the turn of the last decade, Karl-Theodor was the coming man – German Defence minister, Focus magazine’s “Man of the Year” for 2010 … Continue reading Mistakes Were Made

Inverting the Battlelines

BY STEWART SLATER Most battles in the Ancient World follow the same pattern. One side starts with the high ground and, about half way through, finds itself on the low ground. The reason for this is surprisingly simple – most people are right-handed. They hold their sword in their right hands, and their shield in the left. By taking a step to the right, therefore, … Continue reading Inverting the Battlelines

Avoid Ecotricity: Demolishing Dale Vince and Ecotricity’s Disinformation

BY DAVID TURVER Ecotricity owner Dale Vince is disseminating disinformation to protect his own interests Eco-entrepreneur Dale Vince, who owns and runs Ecotricity, has given interviews and participated in a Talk TV debate where, besides being rude and belligerent, he made some demonstrably false statements about renewable energy, especially how cheap it is. Time for a closer look at Dale and his companies to see … Continue reading Avoid Ecotricity: Demolishing Dale Vince and Ecotricity’s Disinformation

Corbyn Will Not Stand at the Next General Election

BY PAUL T HORGAN You read it here first. This is not an exclusive based on any declaration, but on a rational examination of the facts. Jeremy Corbyn will not stand in his Islington North constituency at the next General Election. If Corbyn did, he would probably be re-elected. Corbyn has a massive personal following. But he will not stand. The first, but not most … Continue reading Corbyn Will Not Stand at the Next General Election

Dead-End Streeting

BY THE EDITOR Just a month ago, as Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership of the Labour Party was thrown in the air by Beergate, commentators began to laud the Labour MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Wes Streeting. Here was a man who: “Should be the next Labour leader” New Statesman. “Is the saviour Labour desperately needs?” Financial Times “Is a … Continue reading Dead-End Streeting

Momentum Lost

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Two years ago they were still a formidable force feared by the Conservatives. Today Momentum is dead. Like other Marxist groups that have splintered before the Tories’ eyes over the centuries, Momentum now suffer from a terminal case of the People’s Front of Judea syndrome – meetings about meetings, low vote levels required to pass policies, and a surplus of lunatics. These … Continue reading Momentum Lost

Message for Keith

The Labour Party was formed to support the working classes, not the upper-middle-dinner-party-chattering classes of North London. The people aren’t terribly impressed with your ‘leadership’ at the CPS, when it ignored calls to charge Jimmy Savile, suppressing prosecutions of organised mass paedophilic rape gangs and representing various criminals in expensive cases against the British government and people over the years. We’re also not awfully impressed at … Continue reading Message for Keith

Bridging Divides

Dear Editor, May I congratulate your magazine on attracting writers from across political tribes. I note in particular Country Squire Magazine’s publication of articles by staunch Remainer, James Melville. As someone who sits on the Left of the political divide I have witnessed with dismay the sharp increase in tribalism over recent years across British media and political life. This has of course been brought … Continue reading Bridging Divides

Wales – A Country Divided Part I

BY MARCUS STEAD Wales is becoming a downright hostile place for the more than 80% of us who don’t speak the Welsh language. We are treated as second class citizens and it intensifies with every year that passes. In this article, I outline how Wales is run by, and for the benefit of, a small elite of Welsh-speaking middle class people known as the Crachach, … Continue reading Wales – A Country Divided Part I