In the Name of Truth

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Hello, I am Truth. I have come here today to shatter a few lies for you. Sorry to interrupt your shouting. Isn’t it funny how liars love to shout. As if an increase in volume will drown me out or somehow metamorphose falsehood into truth. Please, Mr Lammy! Pipe down just for a minute, sir, so I can make myself heard… Margaret … Continue reading In the Name of Truth

Gay Giraffes & VE Day

BY FRANK HAVILAND Like A-level results, the calibre of ‘racist’ has depreciated of late. You used to be guaranteed a minimum of a swastika tattoo and a National Front membership card accompanying the word racist, but now anything goes. Mispronouncing Kamala Harris’s name is racist, as is a day out in the countryside, and / or camping. So if you fancy pitching a tent with … Continue reading Gay Giraffes & VE Day

Circular Firing Squad Must be Heard

BY FRANK HAVILAND In the wake of last December’s UK General Election, resulting in Labour’s worst drubbing at the polls since 1935, Jeremy Corbyn confidently claimed ‘We won the argument’. At the time he was met with ridicule; on reflection, he may have a point. With the Left increasingly willing to simply cancel those it disagrees with, it’s not a stretch to conclude it was … Continue reading Circular Firing Squad Must be Heard