No Little Mermaid

BY MEG LEE CHIN To the growing number of Country Squire Magazine American readers who might not understand the British Monarchy; The Royal Family is a living national symbol or logo that is resolutely independent of politics. This separation provides a continuity not possible with the rapidly changing offices of the US President or other elected government heads. The US Head of State changes every … Continue reading No Little Mermaid

In Defence of Prince Harry

BY PAUL T HORGAN Prince Harry has been in the news quite a lot, and the media seem to be in the process of casting him as the latest incarnation of the dissolute minor royal, a cause of embarrassment to the monarchy, perhaps even calling the monarchy into question. T’was ever thus. This is unfair. Harry has spent his adult life being overshadowed by his older … Continue reading In Defence of Prince Harry

Let One Not Notice

BY EFFIE DEANS The history of Britain is that of a small island that began as a collection of territories ruled by chiefs and warlords and gradually evolved into a constitutional monarchy. Most of Europe evolved up until a certain point as we did, but then diverged. Collections of territories that tended to speak similar languages first united under an absolute monarch and then with … Continue reading Let One Not Notice

Great Prince

BY FRANK HAVILAND I don’t consider myself a royalist, at least not in the traditional sense. I don’t know the names of the minor ones. I wouldn’t enter a Starbuck’s queue to watch Trooping of the Colour. Meghan who? However, I do admire the Queen enormously for her dedicated service to the nation. I believe Princess Margaret’s morning routine is the standard to live by. … Continue reading Great Prince

Her Majesty & Brexit

BY JAMIE FOSTER The Brexit row involving Dominic Grieve and others may risk dragging the Queen in to politics. Parliamentarians have a sacred duty not to involve the monarch in politics but Brexit is risking breaching that duty. This is due to the fact that the government and the Commons are being brought into conflict about how the legislation is to be considered. In this … Continue reading Her Majesty & Brexit

Thumbs Up to Princess Sparkle

BY MANDY BALDWIN Election fever is sweeping the nation, and this time around I personally find every party to be in varying degrees disturbing or repellent, so my thoughts are a politics-free zone. In that spirit, I found myself reading about something which has been in the headlines for several months now: I mean, the possible engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I am … Continue reading Thumbs Up to Princess Sparkle

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

CSM EDITORIAL News yesterday that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who turns 96 next month, will be stepping down from royal duties this autumn was met with nationwide warmth. The longest serving consort in the nation’s history merits a pat on the back from the nation. “I’m sorry to hear you’re standing down”, one man told him at a royal lunch on Thursday. “Well, … Continue reading Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh