Serenwyl Unmasked Part III


PART 3 of 3: The Vile Chris Roberts – ‘King of the Antis’ – Finally Exposed

Before reading this final part – and I warn you it is a tad lengthy – please catch up with Part 1 here and Part 2 here. You may need a Scotch to get through to the end of this meandering tale of an evil toerag and his tragic projection. (One bottle should be sufficient mindbleach).

Last summer when a police officer read the detail we had collected about Chris Roberts, he urged me to up my security. Roberts exhibited no moral boundaries. On the one hand he seemed to care deeply for the welfare of his pet cats and green issues, he was a bleeding-heart, pro-vegan animal rights activist, yet on the other hand this ex-publican petrolhead enjoyed bacon and eggs, viciously attacked targets with bile online and in his closeted fantasy world this sociopath saw himself as the cleverest man alive.

There was irony in the police officer’s request. A colleague forwarded me details of Chris Roberts’ Amazon acquisitions which included multiple CCTV cams and a trail cam. Here he was recently complaining about a device where he could store the CCTV film downloads (please click to enlarge):

Interesting that a terrorist should be so worried about his own safety that he surrounded his property with security cameras. Fascinating that a man who regularly doxed people was so scared of having his own photo out on the Web.

“Do you have a photo of Roberts?” I was asked by the police officer and all I had was a rubbishy photograph which a lady had been arrested for posting on a pub noticeboard near to Roberts’ home. (Roberts was a charmer with the authorities when he wanted to get people arrested but turned vile when the authorities were asking questions of him). Sadly this old and blurry image was all we possessed:

We required a better and more recent image just in case we caught this reprobate lurking outside our houses.

Then good old Sir Trevor McDonald came to the rescue…

You see, Chris Roberts is partial to hiding in his Rhymney attic – surrounded by cats – behind dozens of aliases and security cameras, but he also likes fame to go with his misplaced narcissism. Roberts, who uses the moniker ‘King of the Antis’ – a moniker that tragically assumes all antis herald from the gutter – does hypocrisy like no man (or woman). The incongruity of his various positions and the sheer volume of his lies and sock puppets – not to mention the hundreds of conversations he has conducted between his sock-puppets – were inevitably going to lead to errors on the part of this self-appointed genius. And sure enough Roberts’ only claim to fame on planet earth – that he had once known the prolific murderer Fred West – would eventually come to trip him up by his vanity.

The 2021 ITV Programme Fred West Reopened, produced by Blink Films, was all about the suspected murder of innocent schoolgirl Mary Bastholm, a 15-year-old from Gloucester who went missing in 1968. Mary is not one of Fred West’s confirmed victims but the pair shared links to what is now known as the Clean Plate Café in Gloucester, what was then known as the Pop-in Café. It was in this café that West dined and where Mary worked as a waitress. And it was this café that Gloucester man Chris Roberts was forever mentioning on online fora as Mary Bastholm’s ‘final resting place’. Roberts claimed to have seen Fred West laying a basement floor there. Roberts knew Mary personally and was round about her age when she went missing. West had a passion for motorbikes, Chris Roberts worked for a motorcycle dealership, and the Pop-in Café was a ‘rough’ biker haunt at the time of Mary’s disappearance.

A petition started by Chris Roberts in 2012 (using his own name for once) called for police to excavate the café after ‘an acquaintance of Mary’s’ (Roberts himself in pursuit of fame and glory) claimed he had seen West doing construction work at the café during the time she disappeared. Interestingly, despite Roberts’ petition, the police refused to excavate the basement, citing ‘no evidence’. Yet Chris Roberts insisted he saw the killer laying a basement floor and that the café basement was the ‘most logical place’ for Mary’s body to be found. Roberts also claimed a notebook belonging to Mary was found secreted in a wall of the café – an odd detail which was not widely known. Roberts’ story wavered over the years and what he told Sir Trevor in the ITV documentary differed from what he told the Gloucestershire Times:

Chris Roberts said: “On several occasions I walked up Southgate Street and Fred would be outside, carrying stuff to and forth. It was at the time she disappeared. He was a repulsive character. He always made derogatory comments to females. There were also claims that one of Mary’s old school exercise books was found in the brickwork of the café

Well, Sir Trevor believed Chris Roberts, ITV put pressure on the police because of Roberts’ testimony and the police wasted many hours and specialist manpower digging up the café floor, failing to find Mary Bastholm or any evidence that she had been murdered there. Bad news: Gloucestershire Police reckon the work cost the taxpayer over one hundred thousand pounds. Good news: even if the police couldn’t pin another murder on Fred West, and despite Chris Roberts hating having his image out there in public, we now had fresh images of him, taken from Sir Trevor McDonald’s show:

“A poundshop version of Ted Bovis from Hi de Hi” was how one commentator eloquently characterised Roberts. But, frankly, Roberts’ appearance was irrelevant, what mattered was being able to recognise this evil bastard in case he came at me one night with a claw hammer.

A Brief Digression: It doesn’t seem appropriate to comment these days on someone’s looks. Not that it ever stopped Chris Roberts (I confess ALL the snaps he chose of me are a tad Zoolander!) …


Chris Roberts’ appearance on the show, with what’s left of his teeth and hairline, can be seen in this short clip from ITV below:

Courtesy of ITV

Seriously, one wonders whether the resident experts in, or producers of, Fred and Rose West: Reopened did their due diligence on Chris Roberts, Gloucester’s Carl Beech, at all. Would you base a two-part documentary on his ‘evidence’? Had Gloucestershire Police been ignoring all of Roberts’ requests to dig up the basement of the café because they already knew he was an unreliable witness? Did the producers even ask the Police why they were so reticent to believe Roberts? Had they clocked that Roberts regularly used aliases to pester the police? Was it not the case that Roberts only got his way with the excavation because he had conned Sir Trevor into swallowing his fantasies? Either which way, Mary Bastholm’s remains were not located in the café. That soon became obvious to the production team, Sir Trevor, the police and the disappointed journalists who had gathered for the dig.

Whether Gloucestershire Police responded with a “We told you so” to Roberts is not known …

Serenwyl (Chris) Roberts and his Declaration of War against the Police:

What is certain is that the relationship between Chris/Serenwyl Roberts and the police has not been a happy or symbiotic one. Let’s just say that over the years Roberts has become an FOI menace, seeking dozens of Freedom of Information requests from multiple forces in an obsessed and repetitive manner, at the taxpayer’s expense. Most of these FOI requests were related to hunting, some to the Mary Bastholm disappearance, but most were requests demanding the release of information in order to make the police look bad.

Leicestershire Police had certainly had enough of Roberts (Serenwyl) and barred her (him) from applying for any more FOIs in May 2020:

Yet Chris Roberts continued to send FOI requests to Leicestershire Police, this time as John Roberts. Indeed, Chris Roberts’ alter ego John is a prolific FOI’er in his own right. In the last few days his searches have been most intriguing:

Although Roberts sent FOI requests to other police forces, he became fixated on Leicestershire Police and on 3 officers in particular: PC Robert Cross, DS Matt Trott and Chief Constable Simon Cole. Roberts’ pursuit of PC Robert Cross, who he suspected to be a friend of hunts, was relentless. As his FOIs were getting nowhere, Chris Roberts soon became exasperated:

“As I no longer have to be silent on the subject of corrupt PC 207 Robert Cross, I will state for the record that he is the most blatant example of a ‘bent copper’ I’ve ever encountered in any force. He’s personally protected by Chief Constable Simon Cole and thus completely immune from investigation let alone penalty. I have a wealth of evidence against Cross and his equally corrupt colleague Matt Trott and it means nothing. Leicestershire police professional standards sabotaged the complaints laid with the full approval of senior officers under Cole’s instruction. IOPC took no action but merely referred complaints back to the force as apparently corrupt police are trusted to investigate themselves. Yes, really. The war continues.”

Leicestershire Police Online Complaints Website

Serenwyl (Chris) unwittingly reveals her (his) role at the notorious West Midland Hunt Sabs, while still having a pop at the police:

DS Matt Trott continues to be part of Operation Blackthorn (Leicestershire Police’s hunting operation) and continues to be actively involved in investigating hunting issues.”

West Midland Hunt Sabs Facebook Page

But it was for the Chief Constable Simon Cole that Chris Roberts reserved most of his ire. Using West Midland Hunt Sabs as his platform he went after Cole and Leicestershire Constabulary full on and – he thought – anonymously. And I know how Simon Cole must have felt…

You receive one threat – you can handle one threat. Then you get another then another to the point where you get somewhat dazed and confused, then the lies follow and the smears and, before you know it, everyone you know is getting contacted and they are contacting you. Explaining away the smears is exhausting. There are always some idiots who believe the smears – and that is painful. With Roberts you see and feel the evil in his attacks, via his phraseology and the black magic references. More fragile beings would begin to see the negatives in everything. Roberts’ abuse is relentless, creatively targeted and he yokes other spare parts on the Web to do his bidding and to assert what he believes to be authority, when he wouldn’t know a fact if it jumped up and bit him on the nose.

Shortly after posting the above tweet, Simon Cole retired from the force and 12 days after retiring he took his own life. Mr Cole had sought mental health support in the time leading up to his death.

People commit suicide for all kinds of reasons and we cannot say why Simon Cole took the tragic route he did or if Chris Roberts played any part in any of Mr Cole’s decisions. All we are saying is that Roberts’ victims over the years all say the same thing – apart from those who committed suicide – that he wears you down until you reach the point where you feel that life is grim and you want out of it.

UPDATE: 5 Days after this article was released, Chris Roberts posted this:

Simon Cole was not the only police officer targeted by Roberts. In 2018 Gwent Police’s PC 1834 Kyle Burns also suffered Chris Roberts’ (Serenwyl Rhosier’s) probing and trolling:

This complaint to Gwent’s Police & Crime Commissioner does not stand out from any of the other dozens of FOIs and complaints that Chris Roberts made to various forces. What does stand out is the fact that Kyle died in February last year aged 36 leaving a young family …

And Roberts continued to troll Burns even after his death, when Burns was in no position to answer back.

That is the measure of the man.

That is Chris Roberts.

If one thing comes from this exposé, apart from the Great British Public being able to identify Chris Roberts should they also get attacked, it should be this – knowing that the evil behind Roberts’ attacks derives from a deep well of cowardice. Knowing this one fact should mean that all his attacks bounce off his victims henceforth. I really hope so. Roberts is low-living personified. A vile, uneducated human being who surrounds himself with creatures and make-believe wives who cannot answer him back.

Let him now meet Justice …

10 Questions the Police might ask Chris Roberts:

Now that Chris Roberts should be spending some quality time with the police, perhaps he would be so kind as to answer the following questions:

  1. Why for years have you been breaking the law and harassing people, companies and organisations using multiple social media accounts and monikers?
  2. Were you paid by anyone for harassing your victims?
  3. Were any organisations, companies, celebrities, their agents or associates urging you to harass your victims?
  4. What happened to the money you raised relating to the Madeleine McCann “Goncalo” fund in 2015?
  5. Who did you enlist to pose as Serenwyl to call up businesses and individuals whilst pursuing your campaigns of harassment?
  6. Why is the house you live in owned by ‘Serenwyl Rhosier’ who apparently does not exist?
  7. What benefits do you qualify for and which benefits have you or ‘Serenwyl’ received?
  8. During your bankruptcy, ordered on the 14th September 2011, did you correctly reveal all your assets?
  9. What if anything did Erdmute know of any of the above?
  10. How will you make amends to your victims?

In Conclusion:

  • Whatever Chris Roberts’ relationship with Fred West or to Mary Bastholm’s disappearance in 1968, we were more concerned with whether or not Roberts was the arch troll Serenwyl Roberts who had been terrorising so many people over the years in such malevolent ways.
  • When we found that Chris Roberts was the troll Serenwyl, we took his threat of “if you want to come for me, load for bear” (I kid you not) seriously. The rest of the information we dug up is now sitting on a series of external hard drives left in a safe place. Copies have been handed to the Official Receiver and the Police. Watch this space. More shall be revealed soon… Roberts is now cornered, let’s see if he hands himself in.
  • At least the British Countryside now knows who Serenwyl is. Fear her not. She does not even exist. It was this 70-year-old nutjob, dodgy Chris Roberts pretending to be a witch who terrorised us over so many years, with help from his friends. Who he roped in to make the telephone calls as the female Serenwyl we shall find out soon enough.
  • If anyone fancies suing this man for lost business or defamation or wants to add to the victims’ police complaint then please do get in touch via the magazine.
  • If any of you have further information regards Serenwyl or the Rhymney house purchase then we are all ears. We’re particularly interested in hearing from the estate agent and conveyancing solicitor.
  • We have included an infodump on this password-protected page for any sleuths who want to try their hand at spotting anything we may have missed. The password is: WELSHGROTBAGSBUSTED22

Happy New Year to You All.

2023 shall be a cracker.

Boost your popcorn reserves now.

Dominic Wightman is Editor of Country Squire Magazine.

A massive thanks to the Dërg Agency, The Packham Defamation Defence Team, Robin Cross Carpenter, compilers of the Sabs Database and all those good people who have contributed in their own way to this illumination of evil.