A Grave Twist in the Chris ‘Serenwyl’ Roberts Exposé

BY THE EDITOR The recent exposé of armchair saboteur, troll, bully and Chris Packham supporter, Chris ‘Serenwyl’ Roberts (explanatory articles can be found here, here and here) prompted a flurry of new data from his victims. The new data confirmed a few things and taught us some new things about amateurish Chris Roberts: While all the data, new and old, has been passed to the … Continue reading A Grave Twist in the Chris ‘Serenwyl’ Roberts Exposé

Serenwyl Unmasked Part II

BY THE EDITOR PART 2 of 3: Daddy, is that the Witch? Before reading this part, please catch up with the curious goings-on with the Roberts family in Part One here. At first, on seeing the photos of Erdmute ‘Eddie’ Roberts, I was convinced we had identified Serenwyl. This woman dressed as a witch, her surroundings were filthy, she worked as a pet sitter, she … Continue reading Serenwyl Unmasked Part II

Toil & Trouble

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN It was one of the odder calls I have received: A colleague telephoned, “Dom there’s a witch from Wales after you”.  “I thought Ruth Tingay was based in Scotland?” I replied, confused. “No, this is another one. An actual black witch animal rights loon! You know, as in evil black. Black Witch of Salem! The Witches of Macbeth! She runs a business … Continue reading Toil & Trouble