Aubrey’s Hunt Sabs Ka-Ching


A website called Hunting Leaks – seemingly run by the convicted fraudster Jay Tiernan* of Stop the Cull – is doxing hunt subscribers and their businesses. Extremists are encouraged to hassle those on the list. To justify its criminality, the group accuses the Countryside Alliance of holding a database on saboteurs – this, they insist, makes their action an appropriate response. Of course, if the Countryside Alliance did possess such information, certainly they have not put it online nor have they encouraged any harassment or criminality.

Anti-hunting extremists have always had a woolly view of privacy. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), despite being a registered charity, has a leaky privacy policy, admitting that its “intelligence and investigations team will lawfully and ethically collect, process and, where legally justified, share personal data in support of our campaigns.” Then again the League uses a fabricator of evidence as an investigator, so what’s a lost thumb drive between moral relativists, eh?

Hunting Leaks has the full backing of the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA). The HSA posted on social media asking supporters to visit the Hunting Leaks site. The HSA is not a charity but uses HOWL, which is a charity, to attract tax free ‘donations’ on its website.

Charity trustees ought to know better than to get involved in criminal acts and their memories clearly need refreshing:

For we have been here before of course.

Up to 2004, anti-hunt groups were posting online the pictures, names and addresses of hunt supporters and their businesses while encouraging harassment. Then the Police struck that year with Operations Achilles, Fortnum and Aries leading to the arrest of 184 animal rights extremists. Literally overnight the antis’ doxing sites vanished.

Time the police created some new operations and made some more arrests.

While farmers and country sports folk have been the target of relentless abuse, harassment and trespassing from extremist hunt saboteurs for decades, little was known about the Hunt Saboteurs Association. Until now.

The hunt saboteurs portray themselves as oppressed working-class heroes – tirelessly and fearlessly working to save the lives of foxes against some imagined ‘wealthy landowning Tory aristocracy’. The truth is a touch more sordid than that and, thanks to some good solid investigating, it’s now becoming clear to members of LACS, the HSA and other such entities that their bosses are raking in money from them, while their spokespeople like Chris Packham are living the life of Riley tapping up the public for donations built on false premise. The hunting community can only dream of the money that the antis’ racketeers are raking in off footsoldier sabs and the public.

HOWL is another creative con. The clandestine PO Box number in their charity magazine, also called HOWL, at WC1 3NXX, makes believers feel like they are rebels fighting a Tory-tilted establishment. You get screened when joining and then you get a copy of HOWL, as if you’re joining some kind of secret resistance club.

The reality is humdrum. Country Squire found it easy to obtain multiple copies. The cloak and dagger routine is a marketing ploy. The Hunt Saboteurs Association is run solely by Aubrey Thomas and is a limited company and thus listed at Companies House, so there is really no need for the PO Box number at all. From now on let’s call them HSA Limited just as we should call Wildheart Trust ‘Packham’s dodgy girlfriend’s cash cow zoo’.

The sole ownership malarkey of the sabs appears to have caused discontent in the past. One saboteur group down in Dorset appears to have fallen out with Aubrey and HSA Limited rather publicly, even labelling them a ‘fascist organisation’. It turns out Comrade Aubrey was not being at all fair in distributing the sabs’ loot.

At the same address is Thrive Trading Limited, a vegan food wholesaler that appears to deal mainly in marshmallows. Also at the same address is a global transport business called Team AM Limited – all run by Aubrey Thomas. As well as being responsible for all that roadkill, Thomas as trustee of HOWL is responsible for HOWL magazine as the quarterly magazine is produced by HSA Limited. (Quite how a magazine glorifying the sabotaging of legal activities pertains to a UK registered charity? We will no doubt be hearing back from the Charity Commission shortly).

Also run by the entrepreneurial sab Aubrey Thomas is Beacon Logistics UK Limited, stating its nature of business as ‘retail clothing’ – perhaps it went into business to flog balaclavas? Beacon Logistics also runs a vegan café down in Southampton, adding further to Aubrey’s wealth.

Of course, the magazine HOWL cannot advertise any of these money-spinning businesses directly as charity trustees are not supposed to profit from their charity, nor are they allowed to dodge tax or get away with any conflicts of interest. So HOWL magazine advises all hunt saboteurs to download a phone app instead and join Abillion – a vegan food and product directory. HSA Limited has become partners with Abillion, so for every 10 validated food reviews a saboteur writes, £8.00 is donated to HSA Limited. Up to October 2020 over £3000 had been donated to HSA Limited, presumably keeping Aubrey in vegan sausages (if he is actually a vegan, of course. Given his commitment in private to the causes he profits from, he may spend his winnings on English breakfasts down the greasy spoon). 

The company Abillion is run by Vikas Garg, a vegan and animal rights fanatic with eminent connections in financial circles. However – as no doubt Abillion’s latest $3 Million round of funders, Hong Kong’s Nan Fung Group, CloudKitchens and York Capital will be glad to learn – many of the users of his app are meat eaters and, unlike HSA Limited, Abillion does not seem directly connected with any forms of terrorism or with any convicted thugs.

Isn’t it time the hunt saboteurs dropped the bogus image of downtrodden working-class heroes? Like the poor sods who coughed up for Packham’s tigers, they and their supporters are being taken for a ride and led by accomplished con artists and crooks who are absolutely rolling in it at their expense.

Ah, to be a footsoldier!

Isn’t it time for a change of generals, sabs?

*For the record, Jay Tiernan is a convicted fraudster and felon of manifold aliases, whose real name is Gamal Eboe, who was handed an 8 month suspended sentence in 2003 after submitting false claims for £3,000 to the Department of Education for training students, also found guilty of contempt of court because of nine breaches of an injunction granted to the NFU against campaign groups in 2013, receiving 6 months imprisonment suspended for two years.