Spiked Witness


The pages below are taken from an unpublished book, Persecution of the British Circus, on the notorious circus set-up perpetrated by the animal rights group Animal Defenders International (ADI) in the late nineties. Why unpublished? Because the publishers were terrified of reprisals from animal rights groups and only agreed to go to print if their name was omitted from the book as publishers. After printing just one hundred copies for those involved they got cold feet and decided not to reach out to public markets. Sadly, animal rights’ terrorism – like other forms of terrorism – often wins the day.

The book and statements relate to incidents around the late nineties which only became officially known in 2018 when the man at the centre of the controversy, ‘Terry Spike Stocker’, was identified and exposed under his real name, Terry Hill. Hill (mad eyes below) has been working for the League Against Cruel Sports as a self-proclaimed hunt monitor on and off for decades.

Following the book pages below are photocopies of witness statements sent to the Home Office correlating with incidents mentioned in the book. The book pages as shown start by explaining how ADI had tried to set up the circuses previously and how the BBC were forced to broadcast a series of upheld complaints against them lodged by the British Standards Commission (BSC). It took a whole year for circus folk to restore their smeared reputations – it only took a few minutes of the BBC airing their complaints and stating for the public to hear that these complaints had been upheld. As that was happening, ADI planted Spike Stocker AKA Terry Hill.

Pages 90 & 91 – Spike as he was known by the circus folk mixes up incompatible animals four times and then calls for help, as the trainers rush in to make amends for the problem he purposefully created, Spike stands back and films their efforts. Spike having mixed up incompatible animals twice for Dicky Chipperfield to sort out then does the same to head keeper Paul and asks Paul not to mention his ‘mistake’ to Dicky. Both Paul and Dicky Chipperfield later watch themselves on the news at prime time in an anti-circus video. Spike has put both human and animal lives in danger with this stunt. He doesn’t care – he’s an animal rights extremist.

Page 92 – The escaped lion incident. Spike is told on two previous occasions to not right an upturned pedestal or he will have an escaped lion on his hands. Spike the lion nearly escapes putting children’s lives in danger. Again this incident appeared in an anti-circus video shown on the news at prime time. And it was only then on TV that circus folk recognised Tim Phillips, the CEO of Animal Defenders. On the same day the lion nearly escaped, Phillips was visiting Spike and was introduced using the bogus name of Bob. Spike put animal trainers’ lives in danger as well as his own, and the lion could quite easily have escaped onto a footpath used by children.

Signed statements sent to the home office:

Note* Paul Cross refers to Spikes friend Bob, who is really Tim Phillips, CEO ADI.

So what is Spike up to these days?

Same old.

Fakery and dirty tricks.

In the below video he tells a gunman unable to unsheathe his gun because of Spike’s presence that there are no guns in the area to shoot a fox. Hill then stops when he spots a second gunman so he can keep him out of camera shot. (In Scotland statutory obligation is to have three guns present to shoot foxes. So Hill’s aim here is to obtain film showing no guns present.)


Just after that the 2nd gun was filmed, Terry was filmed passing a third gunman:

No doubt Terry Hill and his evidence are now seen as toxic? You’d have to be pretty dumb to believe anything the man says or films? Do those bright adults at the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service of Scotland (COPFS) need reminding repeatedly of their own guidance? Surely not!