Packham-Tagging Trolls Face C&Ds


This morning Cease & Desist warnings were sent to five trolls who have been continually harassing the Editor of Country Squire Magazine, Dominic Wightman. These trolls have also been harassing the two other defendants in the ongoing Chris Packham defamation proceedings which you can learn more about here. The Cease and Desist warnings are hereby published for public notice in the gallery below this article.

The 5 trolls are: Chris & Serenwyl Roberts from Rhymney in Wales, Richard Bartholomew from Hastings in East Sussex, Andrew P Munro from Moreton-in-Marsh in Gloucestershire and Timothy Ireland from Mid Bedfordshire.

If you witness any further trolling or harassment from these individuals consequent to their receipt today of these warnings or if you have further information on these individuals that you feel might be important in a prosecution against them then please use the contact form to get in touch. Thank You so much to those who have already provided information.

The fact that these trolls have been tagging Mr Packham is presumably nothing to do with Mr Packham who has publicly stated that he abhors trolls.

The trolls’ clear and obvious attempts to thwart fundraising for the 3 defendants for this case have thus far failed. The Crowd Justice link to donate directly to the defendants’ legal team can still be found here. The Kofi link can still be found here. Over coming days the Crowd Justice site shall highlight the arguments of the case now that the defences have been published and Mr Packham’s response received. This will allow the public to understand the case a lot more.

The Editor comments:

“These 5 trolls have been especially active with their lies and smears. One has posted rubbish daily, often hourly, for many months. Our team has collected screenshots on their activities which have included publishing the photos of the house of my work colleague, racist and homophobic slurs, telephoning writers of the magazine and threatening the defendants in various sinister ways. I’d like to thank the continuing work of the police across multiple forces. Trolling and stalking are not clever activities, the perpetrators are not funny and they merely project the myriad of shortcomings that exist in their pathetic, little lives.”

Thank You for reading.