Children Are Being Bred into Obedient Drones


From nomadic tribes to the modern metropolis, human beings have created structure, order and predictability. The metaphorical, social and geographical concepts of family, community and nations are all expressions of the primal human need for a sense of safety and security within a meaningful circle of life. Such traditional bonds and boundaries may be encapsulated as the triumvirate of faith, flag and family. 

These structures, undermined by decades of subversive ideology, have been shaken to the core in the past two and half years. Governments around the world have responded to Covid-19 by abandoning science and logic in favour of magical thinking, pharmaceutical alchemy and authoritarianism. Covid cultism, and its ugly twin sister – climate change extremism – have led humanity into unthinking regression and medievalist dogma. 

The purposeful destruction of stable societies and economies in the name of Covid-19 and climate change is a radical, grand project of social engineering. Fearful propaganda, primed by the shrill siren of the climate change crisis, went into overdrive with the outbreak of a respiratory virus. Suddenly a coronavirus outbreak enabled social norms to be swept aside, while side shows for Black Lives Matter and Ukraine kept people tuned into the message that the ‘old normal’ is a very bad place to which we should never return.

Schools, on reopening after the exaggerated pandemic restrictions, went into overdrive with indoctrination of official narratives: forced mask-wearing, heighted alerts to a climate emergency, blatant promotion of transgenderism, shaming of white pupils for their ancestral involvement in slavery, and political activities in support of Ukraine. This was all creeping in by stealth before Covid-19, but as leader of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab said,

‘The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world’

The dumbing down of education entails replacement of debate and critical thinking by ideology, and the ascent of feelings over fact. Indeed, any truth that is inconvenient to the narrative may be cast as ‘hate’, and the speaker demonised. Thus our children are being led, as by the Pied Piper of Hamelin, to a dark place. Their destiny, unless we can save them, is a misanthropic totalitarian future, with features of both fascism and communism, but more oppressive than ever due to the scientific abuse of technocracy. Parents are a threat to this malign programming, and so their authority is being quashed by the state. This is happening before our eyes, with alarming speed. 

The higher education system is a finishing school for the initiation of young people. Unwittingly, many of the brightest of the generation behave as useful idiots for the ‘progressive’ establishment, whose influence dominates Western institutions. On social media, ideologically captured youth marches robotically for this new world order, trampling over our Judeo-Christian heritage and Enlightenment values of freedom of speech, democracy and equality before the law with their anti-human climate change agenda and nihilistic identity politics of race and gender. 

The Campaign for Real Education has documented how British youth consistently lags in international league tables for literacy and numeracy, inevitably worsening since the Johnson Junta closed schools and colleges in 2020, forcing pupils and students to sacrifice their education to ‘protect’ adults. This barbarism was fully supported by the teachers’ and lecturers’ unions.  

Profound damage caused by such dumbed-down, propagandist education is especially noticeable in the meek acceptance of authoritarianism illustrated by university students since February 2020. Traversing the concept that youth always rebels against the establishment, many instead obeyed without question the government’s tyrannical, pseudo-scientific Covid-19 rules, impeding their educational progress. Where were the protest marches against this unnecessary withdrawal of teaching, for which students pay high fees? Students certainly know how to protest, having taken to the streets protesting those dual threats to the hegemony, Brexit and President Donald Trump. Many forgot about social distancing to participate in the contrived outrage about a police killing of a felon in Minnesota. 

Trigger warnings, de-platforming and woke orthodoxy now take precedent at universities instead of creativity, debate and freedom of speech. 

One of us (KH) often tells people that she had more freedom of speech at her university in Apartheid South Africa than students have at most universities now in the supposedly liberal democracies of the West. The other author (NM) saw over a period of twenty years at a university how woke identity politics developed from irritating messages on the intranet to something akin to a Maoist cultural revolution: for example, ‘decolonising the curriculum’ advanced from a fringe notion to a standard operating procedure.   

Instead of proper instruction in maths and English, schoolchildren are used as pawns for anti-West, quasi-Marxist and global corporatist organisations, most significantly the United Nations with its pernicious Agenda 2030. Fully on board with this dogma, some are becoming vegan after being told that this diet is necessary to ‘save the planet’, an unfortunate politicisation of eating habits. While veganism can suit some people it’s not best for all and can lead to a deficiency in essential vitamins and iron, especially in children.  

This social and biological engineering of children is exacerbated by transgenderism. This is a dangerous movement, leading to children irreversibly mutilating their bodies with the help of unscrupulous medical professionals. Manipulated peer pressure is pushing more children and teenagers to identify as transgender or non-binary

Despite masks no longer being mandatory, schoolchildren still wear these dehumanising symbols of slavish deference to authority. Brainwashed by government ‘experts’ into believing that they are ‘saving granny’, too many youngsters have lined up to have the Covid-19 experimental vaccine, sometimes with disastrous results. 

Children are being turned into flabby, confused, subservient drones. But it’s never too late to save them.  George Benson’s song ‘The Greatest Love of All’ began: – 

The George Benson song ‘The Greatest Love of All’ (found below) began: – 

I believe that children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty they possess inside

Give them as sense of pride, to make it easier

Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

The future is no laughing matter: humanity is at a crossroads, and we must help our progeny to take the right turning. 

Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality. She is @KarenH777 on Twitter. Niall McCrae is a Registered Nurse and officer of the Workers of England Union. 

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