Casting Light on Stalkers’ Smears

BY THE EDITOR I am proud to say that I have been up the nose of the Leftwaffe for many years. Those who know me will also know of my stalkers who have, perversely and obsessively, tried to disrupt my life at every juncture – by contacting everyone I know, smearing me and trying to be a general pain in the rear. Alas, that’s the … Continue reading Casting Light on Stalkers’ Smears

Court Not Hate

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The Far-Left Group Hope Not Hate’s defeat in the High Court on Wednesday was significant. As the Jewish Chronicle noted: “Hope Not Hate have apologised and been ordered to pay costs to a Jewish woman after falsely accusing her of being among a group who attacked a London socialist bookshop. The organisation published an article in August 2018 claiming that there was … Continue reading Court Not Hate