If Boris Goes, Labour Goes


The recent tweet by Lord Adonis that ‘if Boris goes, Brexit goes’ should merely remind so-called red wall voters that ‘when Boris goes and anyone half competent takes his place, Labour goes’. Remoaning caricatures like Adonis only play to their lounge – an echo chamber of increasing electoral irrelevance. He and the Gina Millers will be looked back on like the anti German reunification voices who eventually packed up their rallies and campaign groups and resigned their efforts to Facebook and Twitter.

Now the UK has regained so much of its sovereignty and people power back, we should be better able to hold our politicians to account. No longer can they blame Europe. Boris’ unacceptable blunders are our first test – on your bike, Boris – wholly unfitting behaviour, sir.

Seeing the back of Boris is key to getting the best of Brexit through the door after the pandemic gap – he has failed to score the open goals available, failed to build the low tax safe harbour Britain the world’s capital needs right now, and gone down an increasingly batty path, urged on by vested interests and with wrong’uns in his ear who continue to kid him that appealing to the high tax, big state Left will lead to eternal electoral victories. He’s strayed too far from his support base. Recent self-inflicted errors show, alas, that Boris is a liability and he gets in the way of the party doing what it does best – governing soundly while ruthlessly exposing the utter hypocrisy of Labour and other socialist opponents.

Boris, thanks for Brexit. Now move on.

It’s a great tragedy for Britain that carpers like Adonis continue to try and undermine Britain, a country which is irrevocably intertwined now with independence from the struggling EU. Then again, all large democracies have their ‘liberal’ (illiberal) haters. For every five sloggers in Britain there’s a James O’Brien type character who always hated England who snipe in a snide, unpleasant way pretending they know better than the Great British People. They don’t. They’re that kind of friendless wingnut who experienced failure or rejection at a young age – in O’Brien’s case perhaps he never got over failing to get an academic scholarship, when frankly he was always destined for set three or four. Some of our other worst carpers have other chips – being the mistaken result of a fling with an Old Etonian who scarpered, being battered at birth by the ugly stick, or seeing the Marxism they believed in as students being suddenly exposed as a bloody and totalitarian sham. It’s marvellous that these individuals can attain some success in our democracy and sell a few books to their Twitterati, while learning to enjoy our capitalist delights – otherwise, frankly, they would be a far greater menace.

Haters will always hate. Let them rant as much as they like. Just don’t let them anywhere near the levers of power.

Sir Keir Starmer meanwhile has made a reasonable start in chopping off the rancid anti-Semitic elements in his party but one day soon – when a competent Conservative leader is in power – he will wake up and realise he has chopped off Labour’s arm and leg. The desire for a Blairite Britain is no longer there. This is the perfect time, post pandemic, for a Thatcherite touch.

Labour is riper for annihilation now – ten points ahead in the polls – than at any time in the last five years. If Boris were not the story, then Barry Gardiner and those others on the Chinese payroll would be the story. The cancer that Corbyn permitted on his watch and the dross he brought in as MPs continues to fester and it will take longer than five years for memories to fade of just how sick Labour is at core when a 2024 General Election comes around. To kick off Labour infighting is as easy as saying ‘Jeremy Corbyn’. Look who they voted in as Deputy Leader. Tom Watson, Andy Burnham and others jumped ship when they realised the ship was to float no more. If Starmer wins some seats the new intake will have had no experience in the Commons and likely none in government – too much of a risk. The ghouls of Remoan and a potential Labour alliance with the SNP linger.

A competent leader. That is all that the Tories require. Bring them on. Now. Before more damage is done to the party and its army of patriots who are itching to get back to business as usual and desperate to shut the likes of Adonis up once and for all.