Andromono: The Gary McGhee Interview

The Squires interview one of our popular guest writers and contributors, author Gary C. McGhee, about his debut Sci-Fi novel ANDROMONO.

What’s your background as a writer?

I have had short stories published and won a literary Prize. I also wrote a novel which was well-received, but I decided to learn how to write screenplays for TV and Film as my natural writing style is very cinematic and visual. My initial break came with being signed by successful TV, Film and Theatre literary agent Rod Hall, who tragically died soon after. I carried on writing for the Screen but decided to come full-circle and adapt my pilot script and series bible for TV into a novel which became ‘andromono’.

What is andromono about?

It is set in the mid-23rd Century about a world that has been ravaged by the resource wars and religious conflicts of the previous Centuries and is now ruled by an androgynous, multi-sexual elite who set out to create a utopian post-gender, antitheist, and anti-family society. However, this increasingly slides into a dystopian reality. It tells the story of an elite androgynous member of the ruling class who decides to have a real baby in a world where natural reproduction is forbidden.

What made you want to write it?

I love Sc-Fi and wanted to write a story that doesn’t take issues of sexuality and gender for granted, as is usually the case, and where Transgenderism and Transsexuality is the new norm, the dominant force. I wanted to write a turn of the tables novel that was topical, fresh, and original. It’s also important that I am a man exploring these issues, as few male authors tend to tackle these themes. I was also keen to write in the present tense, as it has immediacy and utilises my skills as a screenwriter.

What are your influences? Which writers have inspired you?

I’m a big Dickhead and have been since I was a teenager. Philip K Dick that is. There are influences from his work in my writing and I’ve read everything short and long that he wrote. A big nod also to Huxley’s Brave New World and to William Burroughs. I also much admire the work of Ursula K LeGuin and Frank Herbert. More recently I’ve enjoyed Pierce Brown’s ‘Red Rising’ series of books and Richard Morgan’s ‘Altered Carbon’ series. As for film I’ve always been a big fan of David Cronenberg’s psychological body horror movies and that’s a definite influence. 

Is there more where ‘andromono’ came from?

I’m currently drafting a sequel called ‘Ragman’ which picks up where andromono left off. It is told in the 1st person about the exploits of a key character in the novel and written entirely from his POV. I’m excited about it as it is a bit of a departure stylistically and thematically from andromono, but still very much set in that world.

Thanks for sharing information about your book and good luck, Gary!

Thanks very much for your interest.

ANDROMONO By GC McGhee is now available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.