Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds


In 1993 I wrote a dissertation for my Masters Degree at Nottingham University. It was titled ‘Men and Self-Esteem’. It was well-researched, packed with salient references and the external examiners said that it was one of the best dissertations they had ever read. (Not bad for a working-class bloke who left school at 16 with good O-Levels, in order to get a proper job and be able to pay back and contribute money to my mother, who worked two jobs to provide me with a decent upbringing).

I even toyed with the idea of pursuing an academic career, doing an expensive PhD, and getting my dissertation polished and published. Thank God I didn’t. I read it again some years ago and I strongly disagree with nearly all of it.

Oh, it is well written, but it’s well written post-modern, ultra-feminist, anti-masculinity, gender-fluid, cultural Marxist (small and big M) claptrap steeped in the barren language of isms and constructivist hierarchy of ‘oppression’. It was a truly cringeworthy experience to re-read.

Exhibit A… one of the phrases I came up with was that men needed to ‘Reclaim Our Sissyhood.’ The lecturers crowed about how insightful that was, a veritable kick in the solar plexus of the Patriarchy … Oh my days… Assertions don’t actually get much more cringe-worthy than that. I now think, on the contrary, that all men and gay men in particular, need to reclaim our masculinity from the ravages of hypocritical, man-denigrating Feminism and emasculating feminisation. The whole piece of work reads like it was written by somebody else entirely. And, of course, it was.

So, the upshot is that I now know what I’m talking about when I criticise intersectional gender politics (as do other sage deities and freedom-lovers like Camille Paglia, Jordan Peterson, Douglas Murray and Pascal Bruckner, to name but four, and those who contribute to Country Squire Magazine and other publications like Quillette and little old Spiked (bless ‘em). I read just about everything related to this back then, although the term ‘intersectionality’ was still only a glint in my  post-modern academic Marxist eye, still reeling from the fall of communism and keen to grope anything resembling a philosophical, anti-capitalist life-raft, however clumsy and ill-conceived.

I would now describe myself as a Classical Liberal, (big C /big L) in the traditional sense. That is, I believe in Science in pursuit of Empirical, evidence-based discovery and Fact, Objective Truth, Biological primacy, proper fields of academic scholarship, (not spurious, narrow  ‘studies’ that are doctrinaire, anti-educational, and ideology –driven.)  I believe that the rule of Law is sacrosanct and a prerequisite to a civilised society. Although if the Law is bad, as in outmoded and undermining of fundamental freedoms, it should be reformed, and the Police should not be overtly politicised and allowed to  cross the line between maintaining order in the wider public interest and using repressive methods to quell and punish legitimate protest and dissent. I’m looking at you Macron and the Chinese Government and the Spanish repressors of Catalonian independence etcetera.

I  believe that there are only two genders – gender dysphoria is a very rare but real phenomenon that should be supported and treated like any other illness and not promoted as functional in order to be to be used as a political weapon, and especially not to be used to indoctrinate children.

Moreover, that there IS such a thing as reality. The baggage of abstract political ideological theories of all kinds should be ditched. I also believe in religious freedom, Secularism, the need for Faith and a spiritual existence, believing in things that are true and wholesome like accepting personal responsibility for your beliefs and actions, accountability and self-criticality, and the imperative of belonging to something tangible. To the democracy of the nation state and Parliament, the importance of patriotism and pride in one’s Queen/Monarch, Country and history of achievements, in England and the Union of Britain, and red poppy Remembrance Day, supporting our Military veterans, and our Island identity, and communities, above all proper communities, as the safeguard ordinary people have in determining the quality of our lives and who governs us.

In short I adamantly reject the nihilistic meaninglessness of post-modern ‘thinkers’. Oh I read a lot back in the day, both philosophical and Political – Foucault, Lyotard, Derrida, Sartre, Gramsci, Paolo Freire and others, although by read I mean waded through pages of over-intellectualised, obfuscating gobbledegook and pie-in-the sky Utopian wishful thinking that refuses to accept that history has showed us clearly how Utopian societies quickly descend into Dystopian hells, because people are not allowed to be truly free.

It is no coincidence that they all advocated or became Marxists, because it is the final endpoint for those who don’t actually believe in anything, least of all mankind’s natural thirst for real freedom and the dominion of individual human agency. The obfuscation is deliberate – a way of diverting attention away from the utter emptiness of their existential discourses.

I’m an avowed believer in the fact that Western Capitalist democracy has produced the greatest civilisations in the history of Mankind, and also the most enduring. Just about everyone who was raised and lives in one benefits from its hard-won freedoms, creativity and innovation. Or can, if they believe in and act on their own self-betterment. Which brings me to the abject hypocrisy of the current liberal Left and their pseudo-radical bedfellows…

Sphincter Rebellion (great one, Dom)…

The anti-human anality and banality of these Turkeys puts them very near the top of the Extremist Hypocrisy list. This is ‘radical’ politics for Trustafarian poshos, who have never done a proper job in their lives, and wouldn’t know, or really care about, a poor person if they fell over one. Regular bathing habits are also off their agenda we gather, which is a very middle-class trendy thing. (Oh I really smell bad and isn’t that rad and cool, man?  No self-respecting working-class person would ever think smelling bad is cool).

They epitomise the do as I say, not as I do mentality, that comes with over-weaned privilege, a sense of entitlement and superiority complexes the size of Jupiter, with their ludicrous posturing and climate catastrophising. Their ‘solutions’ consist of dictating how we should all live backed up by alarmist exaggerations about the end of the world being nigh if we continue to drive cars and fly and eat meat, and, ya know, generally enjoy living.  No mention of how we are actually going to achieve Zero carbon economies by, err, tomorrow and the scientific challenges that ensue, regardless of levels of energy consumption. Increasing the building of Nuclear power plants perchance, as governments across the world are likely to do, what with the inadequacy of ‘Green’ technologies in delivering enough energy to sustain burgeoning populations? Presumably we should instead be ‘panicking’ and absurdly posturing in an amateur pseudo artistic theatrical way? We need also to be as miserable, cultist, weird, and drug-fucked up as they are, apparently.

Tranny  Maomentum

The new crusaders of the working class… of course. Except that they are now overwhelmingly made up of a ragbag collection of metropolitan middle class vanguardist neo-Marxist converts to divisive gender fluidity, nebulous Transexual porridge-think and toxic, bitter, unfulfilling feminism, and all   bankrolled by totally hypocritical communist millionaires… of course.

They despise the aspirational working class, for having the temerity to want a better life and for voting Tory and for, shock horror, the demon Brexit, because, ya know, the EU is sooo socialist… of course.  They despise them also for turning their backs on champagne ‘socialists’, who want to abolish private schools, Free schools, Academy schools and Grammar schools, (apart from for their own sprogs… of course.)  Oh, and for wanting to have a decent house that they own, and civilised communities to live in, that are properly policed, with decent schools which provide opportunities for their kids, and to take them on holidays and drive cars, SUV’s and white vans, wave England flags and Union Jacks, and do proper jobs and look after their families properly.  Oh my days and Heaven forefend. They bang on about ‘the poor’ (for which read, the Government- dependent client state,) because there are votes in it.

Where would their propaganda be without food banks? They want ‘the poor’ to starve, because there are votes in it, innit?  Oh and the railing against ‘Islamophobia’ because … you guessed it, there’s voting gold (worth 3 million and rising) in them there Mosques, but only half a million and dropping like a stone in them there Synagogues.  The new Labour Party? Ghastly anti-Semitic, new bourgeois establishment hypocrites now, the bally lot of them…


My views on this are well documented in previous articles. But the extremist lengths to which this whole agenda is being taken is the logical extension of a hypocrisy that presents itself as inclusionary and in the interests of ‘diversity’, when it is in reality deeply divisive and actually sets Gay men, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Black Gay people, Gays with disabilities, Transgenders, Intersexuals, Transvestites, Drag Queens, Leather/fetish Queens, and S/M practitioners and ‘queers’ of colour and different religious beliefs against each other.

The whole thing has become a ghastly smorgasbord of competing hierarchies of oppression, with white gay men at the bottom of the pile… of course … and the rest scrabbling for position as to who is the most oppressed under the ‘White, Heteronormative, (we used to call it ‘heterosexism’, but they had to update it to something even more ridiculously simplistic), Cis-gendered, Supremacist Patriarchy’. This is all deeply hypocritical and destructive and leaves these fundamentally disparate groups squabbling like rats in a rainbow-coloured sack.

You find out how utterly dysfunctional the whole thing is when you challenge it as a gay man, lesbian, and actual transsexual etc, and get called all manner of nasty names for committing the heinous crime of anti-intersectional wrong think. The dynamic is not so much about walking away from this groupthink, (although many of us have and rising, at the expense of ‘friends’, relationships and even careers in some cases,). We are not obedient lickle queers who should do and think as we’re told… so much for diversity of opinion and inclusivity. They can, suffice to say, stick their intersectional hypocrisy up their collective fundaments. We don’t need it.

The hypocrisy of all these things knows no bounds and more widely includes politicians who campaign for causes in public, whilst getting funds through the backdoor from those they are supposed to be ‘campaigning’ against. It includes those who accuse their political opponents of being nefariously funded, whilst not openly declaring their own conflicts of interest funding. It also includes Law Lords who seem politicised and make judgements that interfere with democracy. Blair’s ‘Supreme Court’ is clearly a vehicle for this and should be abolished. The extremist hypocrisy list has burgeoned spectacularly of late, to the extent of trying to undermine democracy itself in trying to overturn the will and primacy of the people. The people will prevail when the ballot box and tactical voting are unleashed, and the extremist hypocritical swamp is drained, and not a moment too soon.  Hoorah!

Gary McGhee is a semi-retired screenwriter, loving the outdoor life with his partner in the Norfolk countryside. Gary was ‘red-pilled’ before it became fashionable, and believes in liberty, freedom, modernism, and defying herdmentalities.