Intersectionality Chickens Home to Roost


Cluck, cluck. An almighty furore has developed between Muslim primary school protesters and Local Labour MP Jess Foghorn Phillips. If you didn’t know already she has ordered an exclusion zone be put around the school to prevent the demonstration from being outside the school. Meanwhile LGBT groups are also demonstrating about the right of gay relationships to be taught in schools, though I notice they are quick to say that it has nothing to do with sex.

Au contraire. Of course it has to do with sex, and it is disingenuous to suggest otherwise. Being gay is about having sexual relations with a member of your own sex. It isn’t just about nice fluffy sanitised relationships and being a model gay parent, it’s also about gay sex.

This unseemly spectacle illustrates only too clearly how the intersectional politics of the Cultural Marxist Left inevitably unravels and eats itself. What we have here is a group of Muslim protesters (I gather this is spreading to other schools/areas) who insist that they are not homophobic, but are only concerned that their primary school children are being taught about gay sex, and they don’t like it and feel that it’s inappropriate. However, surveys about Muslim attitudes towards homosexuality have shown that many Muslims think that homosexuality should be illegal. It’s the religion, stupid.

What this is also about is a clash between opposing ideological indoctrinators and a clash between homophobia and Islamophobia. This is what happens when you put people into groups and categories and create competing oppressions that spiral out of control. This is a culture clash writ large and undermines the basis of multiculturalism, that we must respect people from different cultures and beliefs – until reality bites, as it has here.

I have sympathy for Muslim parents not wanting their children to be taught about gayness. A question I would put to the LGBT lobby is where would they draw the age line? Pre-puberty, presumably? This is unacceptable on many levels, not least because pre-pubescent primary school children should be educated as children and not as if they were adults. Rather than challenging homophobic attitudes, this reinforces them.

I spent years campaigning for gay rights and the overturning of the persecution and discrimination of gay people and one of the key challenges in that was to educate the public that gay people were not predatory paedophiles. It’s no good hectoring Muslims about their homophobia when you reinforce it by wanting to teach young children about gayness, or sex in general for that matter.

One of the arguments put forward by the LGBT lobby is that it would have been good if schools taught about gayness, and it would have helped them to accept their gayness when they were at school. This is all very well post-puberty, but children? No. Anyway not all gay people suffered from not being taught about gayness in school. I didn’t and I came out at 18, and had no real problem accepting my sexuality, and this was in the 70’s, when society in general was more homophobic. This is part of the gay people as victims agenda. Get over it, we aren’t victims anymore, and some of us never saw ourselves as victims in the first place. The LGBT lobby think that they speak for all gay people, when they really don’t.

Foghorn Phillips might well find herself losing her seat at the next general election. How tragic. Not all Muslims are cuddly and peaceful, and conform to Labour’s PC agenda as she has found out. Why should they? Also not all gay people approve of the inclusion of gay relationship lessons in primary schools. Why should we?

Intersectionality is a farce, which would be funny if it wasn’t so ill thought out and doctrinaire. It’s not about ‘education’, it’s about having the power to impose a cultural Marxist world view on young minds.

Gary McGhee is a semi-retired screenwriter, loving the outdoor life with his partner in the Norfolk countryside. Gary was ‘red-pilled’ before it became fashionable, and believes in liberty, freedom, modernism, and defying herd-mentalities.