Duruxx: Get Out with a Bang


In the last twenty years, there have been new UV companies popping up across the world to cater for the super rich, who seem to want to own as many toys as they can get their hands on. Some quite ridiculous vehicles have been built including luxury tanks.

I keep my eye on the development of luxury golf carts, as I am a sad man with a passion for anything on wheels or with any kind of engine (yes, even milk floats). I also happen to have a soft spot for UTV’s which find themselves somewhere along the spectrum between UV’s and SUV’s.

You’d buy a UTV if you owned a ranch in Texas or an estate in rugged Scotland, perhaps, and needed to escort your guests around it – over rocks and through brooks – after a long lunch, or perhaps as a continuation of a long lunch. (UTV’s, as they are almost classifiable as cars, can also be driven on the road if the authorities pass your particular UTV as fit and roadworthy.)

There is a most unfortunately named company which I have been watching for a few years now. Welcome to Duruxx which sounds awfully like something optimists would keep in their wallet for a night on the tiles. The Duruxx spiel tells you what you need to know about the company:

As tinkerers, technicians, engineers, enthusiasts and life-long users of UTVs, 4x4s, ATVs and all things “trail worthy,” we grew up dreaming of one day creating our own line of adventure vehicles. This dream became a reality in 2014 when we realized our customers needed a better product with more options and superior customer service. Duruxx was born. Based in Bixby, Oklahoma, we come from a place that thrives on western adventure. We pride ourselves in creating a rugged, dependable, hardy, adaptable and tough all-terrain and utility terrain products that will go off road as well as on. This gives our customers limitless options on the trails, in the mountains or on a journey through the city. We take you anywhere you want to be.

Why am I a fan?


Their DRX2 (two seater) and DRX4 (you guessed it) UTV’s are fantastic. The DRX2 comes standard with a top, 3-way convertible soft top, tow package, true receiver hitch, winch, and FM mp3 player. While the DRX4 …. It’s like a Pope Mobile on steroids…

Powered by a Chery 16 valve multi-port fuel injected DOHC 1083cc engine that produces 68 HP with a staggering 40+mpg on the LSV’s models. With features like military lock and a superior transmission, you get the best of a street legal side by side AND one for the toughest trails – plus it lasts as long as a conventional car – upwards of 100,000+ miles. The DRX4 comes standard with a top, winch, tow package with true receiver hitch, 2 lockboxes under back passenger seats and new digital FM mp3 player. No other UTV offers you more for value, quality and versatility for your money and for your next adventure, wherever it takes you. Equipped with 27″ all terrain tires, 14″ cast aluminium rims, disc brakes on all four, stainless steel brake lines, rack & pinion steering and HD front end knuckles. The width and stance of the DRX4 is under the standard vehicle, for access to trails, yet wider than most for a more stable ride.


These vehicles are awesome. I can see why the military are so keen on UTV’s – they are quick across rough terrain and versatile. The US military are putting UTV’s to use today – from highly-mobile, CV-22 transportable, multi-configurable off-road platforms used by SOCOM, to base vehicles used to carry and tow large loads, UTV’s are filling a vital role. These vehicles are deployed and in use around the globe, in all of the U.S. military branches and special operations forces along with several allied militaries and special operations forces. In short they are as fun on Suffolk sands as they are useful in the Iraqi desert.


But Duruxx’s UTV’s are something else. Luxurious boys’ toys designed for pleasure. Just the kind of toy I hope to be waiting for me when, if ever, I finally make it to heaven. Feast your eyes!


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