The Left’s Diversity Myth


I think it’s generally accepted nowadays that the Labour Party and the Left in general no longer represent or resonate with the Working Class, despite still trying to wave that particular banner. Labour calling itself the party of the workers has become meaningless as their representatives brand the average working man ignorant, racist and fascist. However, what seems to have upset Labour even more is the current portrayal of Labour no longer representing diversity and this is forcing them to go on the offensive in a desperate attempt to prove otherwise.

When you look at some of the key voices on the Left there doesn’t appear to be much diversity at all. Leading the Labour Party is Jeremy Corbyn – a well-off, middle-aged, straight white man.  The Guardian, a paper often challenging what it perceives as the racist white man oppressing others, will regularly wheel out men in their 30’s – 50’s who apologise for everything from being white, to being male to not watching enough TV shows with non-white leads in them. But ultimately the Guardian is still run by middle class white people who tell us what diversity means and why we are failing – not them, obviously, but us; the Great Unwashed.

Let’s look at how “diverse” the Left really are, shall we?

Lesbian Angela Eagle stood for the Labour leadership last summer. After receiving abusive phone calls and a brick through her office window, she backed out and the competition was left to two straight white men to battle it out in what was essentially a one-horse race.

Except for Angela Merkel, you’d be hard pressed to find a socialist female in the upper echelons of any European Socialist Party yet during the EU Referendum much was made of how diverse we all were and it was in large thanks to the glorious melting pot of the EU. By the same token, you’ll struggle to find many non-white rich men in the EU in positions of influence and power.

Meanwhile, irony rubs.

The UK has welcomed its second female Prime Minister, provided by the Conservative Party, whose leadership election in the summer saw the final round of votes dominated by two females, something you won’t ever find in a Labour leadership contest. Even UKIP had an elected female leader, Diane James – granted she only lasted about two weeks but still longer than any female Labour leader of which there have been none. (I am convinced that we will see either an openly gay or non-white Prime Minister from the Conservative Party before Labour finally gets around to having a woman in the final stages of their leadership elections.)

The Conservative Party even brought the LGBT community gay marriage whilst Labour were still trying to prove they were the progressive party.

The myth that the Left represent equal rights is dying off – one of the reasons why Milo Yiannopoulos is so hated amongst them. Milo’s an out Jewish Gay man who has predominantly black boyfriends, who doesn’t feed into the narrative that he’s a victim, nor does he constantly make excuses for his life and blame others. Milo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes he’s out of order. But one thing Milo can do very well is turn negativity into a positive force – his recent book deal with Simon and Schuster has caused outrage and lots of triggered Snowflakes have been rushing to their safe spaces in horror and disgust. All their negativity has resulted in him having the number one book on preorder.  Chances are all the disparaging tweets and articles attacking him have helped him to reach a wider audience.

Had Milo been left wing he would have been celebrated not attacked.

In France, the gay voters are flocking to support Marine Le Pen as she’s done the unthinkable – she’s actually listened to their concerns about migrant influx and their safety concerns. Shock horror, she hasn’t lectured them, talked down to them – nor has she branded them racists. She’s engaged with them – truly shocking I know! Why on Earth would you speak to an actual homosexual in 2017 when you can quote case studies from the 80’s from a left wing pin-up?!

Some polls even suggest Le Pen’s up to 26% percent amongst gay voters in Paris. That must truly terrify the Left, knowing that the gay vote can’t be counted on any more. The Left have begun systematically disowning the gay community, notable examples are the Orlando Nightclub shooting, Peter Thiel, the aforementioned Milo and, more recently, prominent left wingers paying tribute to gay-torturing murderer Fidel Castro after his death.

All the Left represent now are some disgruntled middle class “experts” who think buying a copy of The Guardian is enlightened. Alongside students who can see a way to permanently justify their future failures in life by whining rather than embracing the opportunities at their fingertips.

If you want to know exactly who the Left is these days, check out the nine protesters that blocked London City Airport – all white, all from privileged backgrounds, several double barrelled surnames and a lot of white guilt involved. All protesting under the “Black Lives Matter” banner. After all, nothing screams equal rights like having rich white kids dictating how Black people should feel.

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  1. “All the Left represent now are some disgruntled middle class “experts” who think buying a copy of The Guardian is enlightened. Alongside students who can see a way to permanently justify their future failures in life by whining rather than embracing the opportunities at their fingertips.”
    I’m a left-winger and don’t fit into this description Mr Alexander!!!

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