Clinton’s Smoking Gun?


A tale of intrigue from our cousins across the pond…

Last Sunday evening the FBI discreetly posted on its website more than 300 (previously unreleased) emails that Hillary Clinton had sent to an unnamed colleague not in the US Government (thought to be her adviser Sid Blumenthal) using an insecure and private server. The release of the emails coincided with an American football game to which the nation’s eyes were glued (I don’t do American Football…the game involved “Packers”).

Whoever the emails were sent to by Hillary Clinton (clearly marked secret and confidential) had their emails hacked by intelligence agents from at least three foreign governments. (The emails released by the FBI – albeit sanitised – are said to contain US state secrets).

It is understood that the three foreign governments were the Russians and the Chinese (both considered hostile) and the Israelis (considered friendly).

These revelations, if backed up, make the case against Clinton far more serious than the FBI presented it to be last summer, when her case was opened then closed; opened and then closed again. This time, perhaps, the FBI have the smoking gun: emails marked secret and confidential, sent by an insecure server, to someone outside the government, deleted and hidden from the public in previous investigations and proven to have landed in the hands of foreign, even hostile, governments.  Not good – not good at all.

It is interesting that Senator Jeff Sessions, nominated by President Elect Trump to be his attorney general (a determined critic of Clinton’s) told the Senate Judiciary Committee this week that he would step aside from any further investigation of Clinton, thereby hinting that the Hillary Clinton investigation will most likely be reopened. With President-Elect Donald Trump also back on the Clinton warpath with these tweets just yesterday, you can bet that Hillary is back on the Trump hit-list:

Judge Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, now a senior judicial analyst, comments, “One of the metrics that the Justice Department examines in deciding whether to prosecute is an analysis of harm caused by the potential defendant. I have examined the newly released emails, and the state secrets have been whited out. Yet it is clear from the FBI analysis of them that real secrets were exposed by the nation’s chief diplomat meaning she violated an agreement she signed right after she took office, in which she essentially promised that she would not do what she eventually did. The essence of the American justice system is the rule of law. The rule of law means that no one is beneath the law’s protections or above its obligations. Should Clinton skate free so the Trump administration can turn the page? Should the new DOJ be compassionate toward Clinton because of her humiliating election loss and likely retirement from public life? Of course not. She should be prosecuted as would anyone else who let loose secrets to our enemies and then lied about it.”

Mark my words, there will be repercussions in the UK if Clinton goes down. The fall-out will likely land on a few locals.

Or will Obama’s powers of pardon this week come to the rescue and put a stop to any investigation, with Clinton admitting wrongdoing?

Thorn in the Clintons’ side, ex-Presidential adviser Dick Morris, confirms this is smoking gun territory. Well worth a watch:

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  1. Evil woman. America should go out and find a woman with no skeletons in her closet and make her President. So, not Michelle Obama… even more evil than Hillary.

  2. I can see both Trump and both Clintons getting jailed in the near future. The swamp does not stop at them. Mike Pence could do the best part of 2 terms.

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