Alt-Right? Alt-Weird

BY ALEXIA JAMES I don’t buy the Alt-Right. In fact, too often, they seem Alt-Wrong. Just because they are right a lot of the time does not make up for their kookiness which, at times, can be downright inexplicable and unnecessarily offensive. Who do I mean by the Alt-Right? I am talking about the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos (who gave a detailed explanation of the … Continue reading Alt-Right? Alt-Weird

The Left’s Diversity Myth

BY JON ALEXANDER I think it’s generally accepted nowadays that the Labour Party and the Left in general no longer represent or resonate with the Working Class, despite still trying to wave that particular banner. Labour calling itself the party of the workers has become meaningless as their representatives brand the average working man ignorant, racist and fascist. However, what seems to have upset Labour … Continue reading The Left’s Diversity Myth

The Dangerous Cowardice of Censorship

BY SAM WHITE When you shut down free speech, thereby removing the right and the capability to dissent openly, then the methods of expression left available for those who have been silenced become out-of-sight, resentful, and, taken to the extreme, violent. The recent trend toward de-platforming and censorship is reckless and ill-informed. Conservative journalist Milo Yiannopolous, who delights in provoking thin-skinned authoritarians, has just earned … Continue reading The Dangerous Cowardice of Censorship