Decommission The Electoral Commission


The Electoral Commission is both biased and pernicious. It is stuffed with Remainers who are clearly out to get Brexiteers, as evidenced by the vile persecution of Darren Grimes.

Further clear evidence of this bias is outlined here by Jacob Rees Mogg.

The occupation by Electoral Commission officers in the Brexit Party offices for SEVEN HOURS on the eve of the European elections is just the latest example of politically-motivated interference by a quango that is supposed to be impartial. The week before, they had cleared the Brexit party of financial impropriety but had decided (or been instructed) to dig any dirt they could find.  Apparently they were rude and offhand, according to Richard Tice, and found nothing. Well, quelle surprise. Of course none of the other parties in the euro elections have been visited, so we must assume that the point was to try and intimidate the Brexit party. They didn’t succeed, on the contrary this more than likely increased the vote for the BP.

This biased quango paid for by the taxpayers, (60 grand a year salaries), must think that the voters are stupid and wouldn’t see right through these kinds of tactics. Think again quango, your game has been rumbled.

Mogg calls for wholesale reform of the Commission, which would be a start, but I think the whole structure should be decommissioned. The political bias is so glaring and the commission not remotely fit for purpose that only sacking the lot and starting again with a genuinely unbiased new Commission to oversee and scrutinise electoral procedures will suffice.

Not only is the Commission biased, it’s useless. A Britain First Candidate ran in the recent local elections in Birmingham and this was even pointed out to the Commission by Country Squire Magazine and others. Was anything done about it? No. Probably in the pub or out investigating the enemy – Brexiteers.

It is time to reform this bloated quangocracy by ensuring that a majority of the commissioners are chosen randomly like jurors, who can then be advised by expert commissioners. These people’s appointees should then be carefully selected to ensure the commission is correctly balanced to reflect different political views and social classes. This will ensure that the political bias shown by the current commission appointees is neutralised, and that the commission is run by the people for the people. This should apply to all Quangos.

I see that a pernicious sore loser Tory in this very magazine has suggested that if Kroll Accounting (otherwise known as Dirt-Digging Inc,) had been called into the Brexit Party offices , BP would disappear within a week. Wishful non-thinking, much? They wouldn’t find anything either. How about inviting Dirt-Digging Inc into Tory headquarters to scrutinise their accounts, ditto the Lib Anti-Democrats, and all the other Remoaner parties?

Of course all this bias smacks of desperation and Farage is right, they are terrified, and it’s not a good look. Roll on the Peterborough by-election next week.

Please read Darren’s article and experience via this crowd justice link and bung him a donation, as I have, to fight his case. You know it makes sense.

Guest Writer Gary McGhee is a semi-retired screenwriter, loving the outdoor life with his partner in the Norfolk countryside. Gary was ‘red-pilled’ before it became fashionable, and believes in liberty, freedom, modernism, and defying herd-mentalities.