Unreconstructed Fantasies

BY GARY MCGHEE My mind has recently been perplexing over the fact that a lot of my old muckers on the Left are stuck in a narrow ideological time-warp. Melanie Phillips outlined her journey and her escape from the Left and from woke Feminism in an interview recently where she describes it as a passage from a fantasy world to reality and the real world. … Continue reading Unreconstructed Fantasies

Wind in Those Necks

BY GARY MCGHEE In the context of the way in which a lot of people on social media are cranking up the projection of their own anxieties and frustrations about Covid-19 onto our leaders, especially Boris, I thought I would redirect readers to my last article on Country Squire Magazine. Boris is being predictably assailed from the Left (BBC/Grauniad and Remainers/Rejoiners), but also from the … Continue reading Wind in Those Necks