A Lesson for the Left



So Marine Le Pen lost in her bid to become France’s next president.  Naturally, when she lost hundreds and thousands of aggrieved Feminists, anti-white, anti-rich privileged ex-bankers took to the streets to violently protest against this injustice?

Don’t be silly. Not one word was uttered in protest.

Neither French candidate was ideal, much like America’s election six months previously, but the reactions of the losing party and their supporters proved one thing; you can’t buy class.

When Le Pen lost there was no rioting in the streets, there were no misspelled signs saying “Not My President” and the vanquished didn’t feel the need to dress up in vagina costumes to protest at this “grave miscarriage of justice”.

In fact, Le Pen didn’t hide away from her supporters or the media. She didn’t go for long walks in the woods. Instead she gave a speech thanking all those involved in her campaign and then she was seen dancing away to 80’s pop music with her friends, family and team.

What happened the following day can only be described as a massive “WTF” moment.  Instead of Le Pen’s “racist, fascist thugs” rioting and destroying the cities of France, it was the socialists doing it!  The Left are beyond parody these days. When the two finalists were announced, the Far Left urged tactical voting to stop Le Pen getting in. When Macron did get in, they then protested against the appointment of Emmanuel Macron even before he had been sworn in. Completely mad!

The rest of France’s leftists (and many UK-based lefties) are of course proclaiming Macron’s win as a massive victory against fascism (even though fascism is on the left of the political spectrum), and a victory for the “centrists” and “liberals”. But in actual fact this election has thrown up a rather major problem for the French…Macron doesn’t have a party in Government, and it’s unlikely his party will get a government majority first time out of the traps, which is likely to cause him many problems as he tries to forge an alliance and actually govern.

The second problem is this – Le Pen managed to get nearly double the votes that her father got in 2002. It’s of course being ignored at the moment by mainstream media but someone needs to address this rise in support for a so-called far-right candidate. The same happened with Geert Wilders in Belgium. Despite everyone rejoicing at the fact he did not become its elected leader, he still wound up with the second biggest political party and an increase in seats and votes.  In a few years time this could deadlock several countries making the EU’s job a lot harder.

With continued immigration and terrorism in France and across the continent of Europe, it’s easy to see how things will turn out. Macron will be a continuation of Hollande and there will be no Macron alternative next time round, leaving Le Pen or whoever replaces her to win the Presidency from a less extreme standpoint. The same will happen in other lands across Europe.

Eventually the penny will drop – by then it will be too late and the Left will be scratching their heads wondering what the hell is going on.