After last week’s storm in a soy latte that was the Labour Party Conference and the frankly hilarious inability of the comrades attending to be able to define just what constitutes a ‘woman’ even in this day and age – an imbecilic debacle to be forever known as ‘cervixgate’ – we have the Conservative Party Conference in full swing now held in the new conservative heartlands of Manchester. But it too is becoming embroiled in the same ludicrous and illogical arguments by allowing the LGB alliance to have a stand at conference.

For those blissfully unaware, the LGB Alliance is an organisation that campaigns for the rights of homosexual and bisexual people; though I am hard-pressed to think of any kinds of ‘rights’ they find themselves barred from as we approach the winter months of 2021.

The dinosaur femur of contention here is the exclusion of the now quite infamous ‘T’ from their organisation – focusing, as it does, on people’s sexuality and NOT on the ever more invasive definitions of ‘gender identity’ that have appeared to grip the entire western world by the metaphorical balls over the last few years. As for myself, I can attest to having met and been friends with homosexual conservatives and it seems reasonable to me – as it does to them – that one’s preference of sexual partner really shouldn’t have any kind of bearing on what one slips into the ballot box.

Now, this is where it gets messy – REALLY messy for our Dear Leader, Bumbling Boris and his weird centre Left Tory Government – as ALSO in attendance are the LGBTQ+ Conservative group. The latter really don’t see eye to eye with the former and across the pinkosphere there has been much ado about this nothing. You see – it’s ‘transphobic’ of the LGB Alliance to exclude the ‘T’, but as they quite rightly say, sexuality has nothing to do with gender identity. Indeed the two groups have very little, if anything, in common at all.

Do you honestly think that those Communists engaged in the ‘long march through the institutions’ that has of late borne such poisoned fruit for society, would simply stop in their tracks when they reached the doors of CCHQ in SW1 thinking the job was at that point finished? Of course they didn’t. We are now witnessing the results being played out in real time as we watch – either aghast or, more probably, in a tearful fit of uncontrollable hilarity.

We need to get this straight. To be ‘transgender’, one simply HAS to adhere to Marxist principles rooted in the post-modern belief that both sex and gender exist in some outlandish continuum in which everyone is part of the spectrum whereby biological sex is an outmoded concept and a mere ‘social construct’.

It is this kind of warped thinking that sits alongside that other pillar of post-modern sexualised identity politics – ‘Queer Theory’.  Recently both have seen the slow erosion of women as a political class of their own. They are no longer ‘mothers’ but ‘birthing parents’. They no longer breast-feed but ‘chest-feed’. They are not even defined by internalised sexual reproductive organs… as now Men too can have a cervix. If you disagree, well…. y’know…. you’re a bigot.

The question is why the Conservatives are even paying this crazed bunch of loons even the most cursory lip-service?

It was Andrew Breitbart’s assertion that ‘politics is downstream from culture’ but here I add the caveat that culture is downstream from language. I have written before about the Left’s insane linguistic war, and it seems apparent that they are winning. If one capitulates and begins to use their nutty lexicon of mangled words, then one is lost to them with the very first utterance of made-up terms. The whole thing is an enormous societal exercise in Orwellian doublethink. It really IS 2+2=5. Once one repeats the very obvious lie, one becomes complicit. ‘Trans women are real women’ is the catchphrase du jour. It is quite obviously untrue to anyone that still values objective reality as the yardstick against which the whole of Human society is measured.

Just why the Tory Party are capitulating to this communist nonsense is beyond the understanding of many observers. Transgenderism as a dogma – a brand new sexualised secular pseudo-religion – simply cannot exist without the prerequisite mental gymnastics required to enunciate that patently nonsensical sentence. And yet here they are, these supposed ‘conservatives’ that appear unable or unwilling to conserve even the meanings of words in our great language. And that’s nothing to say of conserving the very notion of womanhood – let alone the complete erasing of homosexuals of both sexes.

Make no mistake, there simply cannot be any such thing as a ‘conservative transgender’, it’s an oxymoron – and the more that society panders to this tiny, teeny, little sliver of society that gleefully stands at the frayed edges of the social fabric cheering on the obliteration of both women and homosexuals as political classes of their own, the further down the noxious Marxist rabbit-hole we slide. As the fairground barkers shout – scream if you want to go faster.

In closing, I find it interesting to note that in all conversation regarding the Rainbow Juggernaut of Queer that aims to crush everyone beneath it into a homogenised grey slurry of humankind, that we all still seem to use the words ‘gay’ and ‘straight’, and indeed in modern dictionaries those words are listed as antonyms for one another even though historically being ‘gay’ was a feeling to which all were entitled and ‘straight’ came into common usage as the opposite of ‘bent’, which was a particularly nasty slur that appears to have fortunately gone extinct over the years.

If we were to twist the language yet again in the same way and gay people remained gay, the rest wouldn’t be ‘straight’.

They’d be ‘depressed’.