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Friday’s news that Spain had arm-twisted the EU into including a Spanish veto for Gibraltar in the Brexit negotiations didn’t come as much of a surprise to those of us who have watched the EU for most of their lives. Devious bunch. I cannot see there being any kind of a positive result to Brexit negotiations as firstly, the EU wants to make an example out of Britain and scare remaining members into staying and secondly because there’s not a cat’s chance in hell that 27 member states (some of which are comprised of multiple weird, regional states, like Belgium) will ever agree on anything all at once. Even on a Canadian Free Trade Agreement, some odd Belgian regional parliament called Wallonia stuck a spanner in the works at the last moment and the whole deal almost crashed.

What would I do?

A cliff edge is better than a decade of negotiations with that lot. We could dust ourselves off, pull together and within a few years we’d have left them in the dust. Without British payments, the Germans will soon get tired of propping the sorry lot up. Lovely people and all that but the southern Europeans don’t know what a day’s work feels like. The Euro is a dud. French farmers will never accept any reforms in agricultural subsidy. We are way better out that in.

So, I was interested to read about a Buy British button which could let online shoppers filter out foreign groceries. I think that’s a brilliant idea. Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and the other few remaining British supermarkets should phase that in immediately. If the likes of Aldi and Lidl want to survive in the UK then they should do the same – and sharpish – too.

Of course, the Lefties will accuse me of being a Little Englander. Well, they are in the minority these days and if anyone is little, it’s them. It seems that buying British is something that UK shoppers are keen to do and would appreciate any help in showing them how to do so.

Meurig Raymond NFU President said: “From the independent surveys that the NFU has carried out over the years, we know that 86pc of shoppers want to buy more British food, so we would welcome any move which would enable them to back British farming.”

Go put that in your pipe and smoke it, Lefties.

So, now it’s “let’s all be nice to each other” time and “let’s be optimistic that there is something better than no deal” we can get from the EU crooks. But mark my words, there are people out there now who will buy anything British that they can if the EU kicks up a fuss in negotiations, or dares to charge us a bill anything near 60 Billion Euros. I already have friends looking at Lexus instead of Mercedes or BMW. I just bought a British-made shower instead of a French one. I can see the owners of vineyards in California, Australia and Chile licking their lips at the prospect of a very confrontational negotiation.

Before we know it, Stella Artois will be changing its name to Stella Arthur, those Freedom Fries will be making a comeback and accounts will be pulled from Santander and taken across the road into NatWest.

Trade Wars are not amusing. I’m old enough to have witnessed a few. But, I assure you, the fools at the EU have as much nous as De Gaulle and are as trustworthy as de Valera.

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  1. Splendid rant…..keep it up; we’ll show Johnny Foreigner where to poke their paella….

  2. Lidl already advertises the British origin of some of its produce. I don’t think they’ll have a problem making it easier to buy British if it makes business sense.

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