Collapse into Necessity

BY FRANK WRIGHT We have seen of late the spread of farmers protests – from the Dutch, who object to a third of their farmland being seized by politicians, to Italy, Germany, Spain, and Macedonia. This is a striking indication of the deep division between people and politics in the management system known as Western democracy. The issues which drive cultural conflict within nations are those concentrated in … Continue reading Collapse into Necessity

Somewhere Precious – An Ode to Cadhay

BY FRANK WRIGHT We like to go on holiday in England, that place outside the cities which seems as alien as a night without sirens to us in London. It allows us to be among people from a somewhere that we recognise, to answer in ourselves the call of home that has grown so faint. There are people who are from somewhere – Northerners like … Continue reading Somewhere Precious – An Ode to Cadhay