War on the Family

BY FRANK WRIGHT The Enlightenment values which have given us the idea of individual liberty as freedom from constraint have partnered with technological advancement to result in a mass society of atoms. The digital age is not merely a lonely one, but one in which people are increasingly patterned on visual media. The life examples they internalise are not the lectures of online grifters, but … Continue reading War on the Family

The List of Clever Opinions

BY FRANK WRIGHT Noticing certain things and pointing them out is now a dangerous business. Stereotypes are in fact little more than recognised patterns, but to utter one is to invite the ruin of your life. It is a crime in Britain to publish the dictionary definition of “woman” on a billboard in Liverpool because it is deemed to be derisory to men who dress … Continue reading The List of Clever Opinions

Collapse into Necessity

BY FRANK WRIGHT We have seen of late the spread of farmers protests – from the Dutch, who object to a third of their farmland being seized by politicians, to Italy, Germany, Spain, and Macedonia. This is a striking indication of the deep division between people and politics in the management system known as Western democracy. The issues which drive cultural conflict within nations are those concentrated in … Continue reading Collapse into Necessity

Somewhere Precious – An Ode to Cadhay

BY FRANK WRIGHT We like to go on holiday in England, that place outside the cities which seems as alien as a night without sirens to us in London. It allows us to be among people from a somewhere that we recognise, to answer in ourselves the call of home that has grown so faint. There are people who are from somewhere – Northerners like … Continue reading Somewhere Precious – An Ode to Cadhay