Not to be Missed Plans in New York

A trip to the height of New York, without a doubt, deserves planning that includes the best plans, of all kinds, that you can do in the city.

Obviously, it is too big a place to do everything that is considered essential or typical, which is why we always say that you should dedicate time to it. In any case, knowing how long you’ll be there, this post is sure to help you with recommendations for plans in New York for all audiences and at all times.

Strolling along Fifth Avenue

Whether your idea is to spend your money shopping or you just want to see the typical places where actresses shoot their scenes for girls’ afternoons, Fifth Avenue has to be on your itinerary.

It is one of the places par excellence, as we say, for shopping. But it’s not just a hotbed of women, you can buy everything there (especially fashions, of course), but its lighting, its shop windows, its surroundings and the frappé or any other added attraction are well worth a visit.

See the Statue of Liberty by boat

You probably think that the point of seeing it is to go inside and enjoy the view, and you’re right. However, you may not want to spend the hours it takes, you may get lost in the crowds, you may have very young children or you may simply have run out of tickets. There are many reasons to see it from afar, but it is still something you have to do.

This monument is crowded on any given day, without exception. For this reason, you may end up not being very interested in visiting it. But what you can do is rent a sailboat or kayak, go on a cruise or even take the ferry to the island without disembarking (or doing so to walk by the statue). This way, you leave with the memory of having seen this proclamation of freedom, and from a different angle.

Watch a game

In New York, the star sports of basketball, baseball, hockey and rugby are all very much alive and kicking. Obviously, there are games and games, teams, leagues, etc. that cause more and less furore, as everywhere.

But, without a doubt, even those who don’t like these sports enjoy the good spectacle that takes place between music, breaks, cheerleaders, mascots and, of course, the encouragement of the people cheering on their teams and players. It is not uncommon to see celebrities enjoying a game.

Walk in a big park

We’d say Central Park, but it’s so typical that we assume you’re going to at least go there. Of course, it’s a great place if you’re looking for greenery, comfort and good vibes.

But there are other parks in the city that are also quite impressive and won’t be so crowded. And this is where we wanted to get to. In the Bronx or in Manhattan you have two other impressive parks that are also beautiful, big and well stocked in terms of activities, people who visit and pass through them, good places to visit and, of course, they are just as good as Central Park for eating there, taking pictures and relaxing. In fact, if you go to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, you can even take a boat ride.

Grab a drink at a gazebo

If it’s considered the city of skyliners, it’s not for nothing. That’s why you’re going to want to go up somewhere high up to enjoy the views. You’ve got the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, helicopter rides and even a chairlift. But… why not do a 2 for 1 and find a pub with a great penthouse and take the opportunity to see those skyscrapers while having a drink or a delicious coffee?

Many more essential plans in New York

And as this post would be endless if we told you all the “typical” things to do in this huge city, we leave you a list with so many other ideas that, if you like them, you can consult and also include in your itinerary.

Drink beer brewed in the Bronx. In an effort to erase the neighbourhood’s notoriety, Little Italy settled there and a sort of Italian China Town developed. Obviously, it’s a great place to enjoy this kind of food. But since pasta and pizza are everywhere, you’ll probably be more curious about the first and only craft beer in the neighbourhood.

Seasonal plans. Halloween or Christmas parades and decorations, flea markets, parades commemorating the most important days of the country, ice skating, shopping during Black Friday, starting the year on … There are many things that you can only do (or it is more comfortable or enjoyable) at a certain time of the year. Keep this in mind and look for specific plans for the month you are travelling in.

Listen to jazz. You can go to the typical dark, almost murky basement bar or enjoy pieces by great artists in glamorous penthouse pubs.

See a Broadway musical. There’s one week a year where almost every show is 2 for 1.

Go to the Philharmonic.

Have brunch, a very characteristic food of the country and especially of New York.

Go to Soho or China Town and do some master shopping and sparkle at Tiffany’s.

See an outdoor cinema session.

Spend the day on a vintage island doing fun activities. Translated with (free version)