Right to Reply: Get Stuffed Eire

In response to the now notorious “Get Stuffed Eire” opinion piece written by Jim Browne, the Editor promised the best Right to Reply should be published. Thanks go to Grainne Kelly whose response was 1) eloquent 2) polite 3) erudite and therefore 4) publishable. We thank you for all your replies, however crass and offensive (an interesting word, offensive). Here is Grianne’s right to reply in … Continue reading Right to Reply: Get Stuffed Eire

An Open Letter of Apology & Thanks

Dear Readers, I am writing this open letter to you all having sat for twenty four hours or so through the hundreds of right-to-replies the Editor of Country Squire Magazine insisted upon me reading. I would like to thank all those who took the time to go out of their way to correct me, who argued with me and even those who chose to cut … Continue reading An Open Letter of Apology & Thanks

Outrage Merchants Hit CSM

CSM EDITORIAL It may come as a shocking surprise to our new found friends – the outrage warriors – but Country Squire Magazine is not advertising-driven and was never intended to be. That may come as a cruel blow to those twitterati who have spent their summer Saturday writing off to the various “advertisers” who have their banners splashed across the Country Squire Magazine website. … Continue reading Outrage Merchants Hit CSM

BBC3 is Marvellous

BY BEN PENSANT There are few institutions more infuriatingly disappointing than the BBC. On paper the Beeb should be cherished by progressives everywhere: state-owned, publicly funded, impeccably PC and overwhelmingly staffed by the kind of people who suffer recurring nightmares about post-Brexit hate crime and Islington kale droughts. Yet it can’t help but let itself down with its rampant anti-Corbynism, regularly smearing and disrespecting the … Continue reading BBC3 is Marvellous