Wind in Those Necks

BY GARY MCGHEE In the context of the way in which a lot of people on social media are cranking up the projection of their own anxieties and frustrations about Covid-19 onto our leaders, especially Boris, I thought I would redirect readers to my last article on Country Squire Magazine. Boris is being predictably assailed from the Left (BBC/Grauniad and Remainers/Rejoiners), but also from the … Continue reading Wind in Those Necks


BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE After two years of polluting the political ether with conspiracy and conjecture, an illusionary truth formed in Britain’s liberal elite mirroring that of the Trump-Russian collusion conjured by their US counterparts. It is now received wisdom in much of Britain, and indeed Europe, that Britain’s freedom from the EU was won by unscrupulous means. Not that truth and accuracy is still expected … Continue reading Grimes

Donnie Darko

BY ANDREW MOODY A cult sleeper hit at the turn of the century, shortly after Columbine and shortly before 9/11, Donnie Darko is a curious, beautiful and ultimately tragic romance that ranks with the best movies of the past twenty years. Written and directed by Richard Kelly, his bravery in making a film this lyrical about what is either directly or subtextually about mental illness … Continue reading Donnie Darko

Prayer for Peoples of the World

VICAR ear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and Your families are holding up. These weeks of self-imprisonment are not easy. Well done to You all for staying at home. This week I would like to focus our prayers on those abroad, especially the vulnerable children who cannot get healthcare and who are fast losing parents in countries where Coronavirus statistics are … Continue reading Prayer for Peoples of the World

King Solomon’s Choice

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN It is in the best interests of the country to continue to expose the anti-Semites who flourished under Jeremy Corbyn’s (for want of a better word) leadership of the Labour Party. Having publications such as the Jewish Chronicle expose anti-Semites like the toxic Bristol University professor David Miller and the lunatic Editor of The Canary, Kerry-Anne Mendoza, is beneficial but not sufficient. … Continue reading King Solomon’s Choice

Sazerac Cocktail

Ingredients: 50ml Rémy Martin Cognac 10ml Absinthe One sugar cube 2 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters Crushed ice Lemon peel to garnish (optional) Method: Begin by rinsing a chilled old-fashioned glass with 10ml of absinthe, add crushed ice and set the glass aside. Secondly, mix the cognac, sugar and Peychaud’s bitters in a separate glass and stir with ice. Discard any excess absinthe and ice from … Continue reading Sazerac Cocktail

Snitchers’ Paradise

BY TARQUIN SUTHERLAND There has been much in the news of late to perturb the deeper thinker – regardless of so-called ‘conspiracy theories’. It does not really matter what one might think of David Icke, but his recent banning from social media platforms should worry all and any that consider the notion of Freedom of Speech an inalienable right. It appears that we are staggering … Continue reading Snitchers’ Paradise