The Struggle is in the Streets

BY PROFESSOR COLIN TALBOT On Sunday 11th June I tweeted this: Guess what happens the day after? Crystal ball? No, just understanding the mindset of Bennite (Corbyn) and Trotskyist (McDonnell) politicos. To explain. In an earlier post I argued in detail that both Trots and Bennites think that real change only comes about through mass mobilization, not through Parliament. Indeed ‘parliamentary struggle’ they see as … Continue reading The Struggle is in the Streets

Day of Rage

BY JOHN ISMAEL Labour’s activist arm Momentum are planning a ‘RAGE’ riot in London on Wednesday during the Queens speech. At a time when London is already reeling from the London Bridge terror attacks, Grenfell Tower fire and Sunday’s Finsbury Park attack on Finsbury Park mosque-goers. Perhaps it is the hot weather or maybe they are just deluded? Either which way they are incredibly selfish. … Continue reading Day of Rage


BY CHARLES EVANS Hinchingbrooke House in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, was built around an 11th-century nunnery. After the Reformation, it passed into the hands of the Cromwell family, and subsequently, became the home of the Earls of Sandwich, including John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, reputedly the “inventor” of the modern sandwich. On 8 March 1538, Richard Williams (alias Cromwell) had the grant of the nunnery of … Continue reading Hinchingbrooke

Labour Still So Vulnerable

CSM EDITORIAL The day after the General Election, Country Squire Magazine produced an editorial which suggested that Theresa May should step down. That her authority was shot. Some Readers of the magazine complained and others agreed. We stick by that assumption however we’d now like to add one proviso. It is now clear that Labour (let’s call it Momentum, as Corbyn’s party is no longer … Continue reading Labour Still So Vulnerable

Tom Gallagher’s England Possessed

Tom Gallagher was an academic for over thirty years, specialising on conflicts of nationalism and ways of reducing their velocity. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Politics at the University of Bradford. He lives in Edinburgh and has written 14 single-authored books. Among the most recent was ‘Scotland Now: A Warning to the World (2015). Here Country Squire Magazine’s Dominic Wightman interviews Tom about his … Continue reading Tom Gallagher’s England Possessed


BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN Along with millions of people across the UK, I woke up to truly harrowing scenes reminiscent of Pathe Newsreel footage from the Blitz. It was startlingly obvious that the fire had ripped through the building with terrifying speed, and that those poor souls still waving desperately from their windows were in the gravest of danger. Broadcast directly to the nation’s breakfast table, … Continue reading Grenfell