BY ANDREW MOODY Nearly twenty years ago, Australian cinema threw up a prison masterpiece inspired by the bestselling memoirs of legendary murderer Mark Brandon, “Chopper” Read. A terrifying, if rather charming chap, well over six feet, covered in prison tattoos and noticeably lacking in ears, Read delighted in his jailhouse celebrity well before he was a famous writer. Chopper still allegedly holds the record for … Continue reading Chopper

A Short Prayer

VICAR Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well and healthy. Make sure that You and Your loved ones take some vitamins as the weather is changing and I can already see the locals sneezing and snivelling. Lots of orange juice, please. This week I would like to point out the benefits of the short prayer. Are short prayers not simply … Continue reading A Short Prayer

A Scottish Gamekeeper Speaks Out

BY BERT BURNETT On Thursday STV were too quick to highlight that Scotland’s wildlife population is in a state of consistent decline, referencing a new report. 70 wildlife groups joined forces with Scottish government agencies for the first time, to analyse data about nearly 6500 species across land and sea for the latest ‘State of Nature’ report. It found that in the five decades since … Continue reading A Scottish Gamekeeper Speaks Out

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Ingredients: 1L milk 300ml double cream 200g dark chocolate , chopped 100g milk chocolate, chopped scorched marshmallows, to serve softly whipped cream, to serve grated chocolate, to serve Instructions: Pour the milk and double cream into the slow cooker. Add the dark chocolate and milk chocolate, then cover and cook on low for 2 hrs, stirring halfway through cooking. Remove the lid and stir again, … Continue reading Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Please, No Poppy Fights in 2019

CSM EDITORIAL Brexiteers have no monopoly on Britishness. On paper Brexiteers are as British as Continuity Remain – they simply lack the same sense of loyalty to the EU that continuity remainers claim to have. The “Britishness” battle that goes on every day on social media is a dumb one – one that is best avoided in the interests of people just getting on. Similarly, … Continue reading Please, No Poppy Fights in 2019

An Interview with Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell is a British human rights campaigner, best known for his work with LGBT social movements. How Britain perceives Tatchell has changed drastically throughout the years and it is perhaps fitting that the trajectory of our opinion has been inverse to the public’s view of his nemesis – hero turned villain, the recently departed Robert Mugabe – who Tatchell famously tried to citizen’s arrest.  Once … Continue reading An Interview with Peter Tatchell

Conference Report 2019

BY BEN EVERITT It was a record attendance, so Boris said. He’d bounced in to the South East and London reception on Monday and given a rousing speech to the assembled stalwarts. Defying the petty plotting of Corbyn and Co last week, the Tory conference went ahead. Bouncing Boris toured the receptions, managing to give the same speech with oomph and gusto about a dozen … Continue reading Conference Report 2019

The BBC & Yom Kippur

BY RUTH LEVINE Jews hold that just months after the people of Israel left Egypt in the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE), they sinned by worshipping a golden calf. Moses ascended Mount Sinai and prayed to God to forgive them. After two 40-day stints on the mountain, full Divine favour was obtained. The day Moses came down the mountain (the 10th of Tishrei) was to be known forevermore as … Continue reading The BBC & Yom Kippur