St Bobo

BY PAUL NEWALL Bono was one of my first heroes, I bought all of U2’s records and in my wide-eyed desire to make the world a better place I read a little too much into their earnest lyrics as was the case with many teenagers during the 1980’s. I was travelling towards the left at a speed my parents found disconcerting, so much so that … Continue reading St Bobo

Best Not Ask Bono

BY SAM HOOPER Every now and then you read an article so astonishingly un-self aware, so counterproductive, so open to attack and ridicule on multiple fronts that it is difficult to know where to begin. The latest writer to evoke this strong reaction is Fareed Zakaria, CNN’s in-house intellectual and self-touted expert on international issues and foreign affairs. The headline of Zakaria’s latest asinine column … Continue reading Best Not Ask Bono