What a Carrie On

BY JOHN NASH Now that Boris is off, the good news is that Carrie Antoinette, ideologist and patron saint for eco-chuggers and wildlife scammers everywhere, will go with him. Hopefully too, in her expensive designer handbag, she will take with her the pet green, brown-nosed squawky-parrot, George Bloody Useless, Secretary of State for the Total Disregard of Rural People. Between Carrie, the little starry-eyed parrot and … Continue reading What a Carrie On

The Actual Born Free

BY JOHN NASH Everyone above a certain age knows the story of little orphan Elsa the lioness, raised by saintly George and Joy Adamson in Kenya, who taught her how to hunt and then successfully released her back into the wild. This heart-warming episode of animal rescue was the subject of Joy’s 1960 book, Born Free that sold five million copies in 27 languages and was … Continue reading The Actual Born Free