The Man Who Would Be King

BY MANDY BALDWIN For a man who once claimed he would ‘hit the ground running’ Tony Blair actually proved in one respect remarkably lazy.  After all, instead of creating a party in his image from scratch, he simply latched onto ailing Labour, eviscerated it, and gave it a shiny new coat of paint.  He himself was shiny and new in 1997 – at forty-three, the … Continue reading The Man Who Would Be King

Feet of Clay

BY MANDY BALDWIN The young Remainers have been betrayed this last week.  Merkel has shown her true colours and voted against gay marriage and Corbyn is firing all who stand between Britain and hard Brexit. Neither should have come as any surprise; if Merkel had a tolerant bone in her body she would not so readily expose secular Europe to Islamism, and Corbyn, whose mantra … Continue reading Feet of Clay