A Bureaucratic Dictatorship

BY ALEX STORY The United Kingdom is now a bureaucratic dictatorship. We have known for some time that our government does what it wants, not what we would like it to do. But until relatively recently, officials played along with the political theatre. Their shamelessness still needed a fig-leaf. Elections provided the required cover. Our current bureaucrats no longer feel they need any. They display … Continue reading A Bureaucratic Dictatorship

Charity Sector in a Mess

BY JAMIE FOSTER Celebrity lawyer “Mr Loophole’ Nick Freeman was attending his old public school reunion dinner when last week’s bad weather prevented him from travelling. This left him with two booked and paid for rooms at a four star hotel in London. Rather than letting them go to waste he asked his daughter to offer the rooms to a homeless charity. His daughter contacted … Continue reading Charity Sector in a Mess