The Fall of UK Universities

BY SOPHIE CORCORAN The last few years we have heard over and over again about left-wing indoctrination in universities, but I never quite realised how bad it would actually be. Many have labelled it as some kind of ‘conservative fantasy’, but recently I have had the misfortune of experiencing it first hand and I can confirm that Marxist indoctrination is very much out in full … Continue reading The Fall of UK Universities

University Has Changed, Parents

BY STEPHEN PAX LEONARD Ripples of laughter could be heard from the Senior Common Room where undergraduates dressed in ‘I am a feminist’ hoodies wrestled on the sofas. The LGBTQQIAAP+ dinner had just finished, and the students had retired to the SCR ‘safe-space’ to let off steam and gossip about who they found ‘dangerous’. This was not Oxford. The SCR sherry and newspapers were long … Continue reading University Has Changed, Parents