FIFA Not Chauvinist

BY ALEXIA JAMES Hope Solo, the US women’s football player, has said that it is a sign of male chauvinism that the prize money in the male world cup is so much higher than the prize money in the women’s world cup. She says FIFA must be a male chauvinist organisation as a result. The women’s game has prize money of £24 million while the … Continue reading FIFA Not Chauvinist

FIFA Poppy Furore

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The current “Poppy Furore” surrounding the England-Scotland game at Wembley on Armistice Day 2016, (on the 11th of November, the day when Britain traditionally remembers its war dead) is farcical. FIFA – the world governing body of football – deems political logos or messages on national football shirts to be against the spirit of the game, so the well-meaning gesture of putting … Continue reading FIFA Poppy Furore