From Miss World to President?

Aged 18 and living in Iceland, Linda Petursdottir was chopping fish in a factory. Two weeks later she was Miss Iceland. A few months later she was Miss World. Almost three decades have passed during which Linda founded and ran one of Europe’s most successful ladies only spas, Badhusid, in Reykjavik, and continued her association with the Miss World pageant as an occasional judge. Here, Country Squire Magazine’s … Continue reading From Miss World to President?

Pointless Comparisons

BY JIM BROWNE Fake news is not difficult to spot. Most of the links that present it in the first place lead you to a site that looks like it’s been put together by dyslexic sixth-formers. Even if a story seems credible, it doesn’t take long to do a Google News Search or cross-reference it against a reliable news gathering source. Distinguishing between what is … Continue reading Pointless Comparisons