Knife Crime Truth

BY ANDREW MOODY The tragic knife murder of 17 year old Girl Scout Jodie Chesney by an assailant who, without saying a word, stabbed her in the back, has sparked off a series of frenzied media reports of teen knife murders. After a young man was stabbed in Tottenham the number of murders and man slaughters in December 2018 rose to 131. This has only … Continue reading Knife Crime Truth

Sadiq Khant?

BY JAMIE FOSTER A quick scan of Sadiq Khan’s Twitter account turns up the usual expected content. World women’s history month appears alongside several tweets boasting about the London Mayor opening the latest artwork to go on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. There are attacks on the Tories for perceived misdemeanours and buy-ins to hashtags like #visitthetheatre. In amongst all of this there is … Continue reading Sadiq Khant?