The Rise of the Anti-Homosexuals

BY GARY MCGHEE “Shot by both sides, on the run, to the outside of everything, they must have come, to a secret understanding…” (Shot By Both Sides – Howard Devoto/Pete Shelley 1978)  I have never joined a political party and never bought wholly into any ideology. I mainly subscribe to the Groucho Marx view that I refuse to join any club that would have me … Continue reading The Rise of the Anti-Homosexuals

The India Willoughby Interview

India Willoughby is an English newsreader, broadcaster, journalist and reality television personality. She is known for being Britain’s first transgender national television newsreader – reading the news on Channel 5. She now regularly appears on ITV’s Loose Women and on Good Morning Britain, giving SJWs hell, with Piers Morgan as backup. Country Squire’s James Bembridge went to meet her: James:  Pre-2010 the only word I … Continue reading The India Willoughby Interview