Churches Should Ban Momentum

BY ALEXIA JAMES The cases of antisemitism right at the heart of Momentum’s leadership are infamous. The cases of antisemitism linked to Momentum via its members or past members are rife. This is partly because of the Hard Left’s fixation with Palestine but more to do with the bogeyman hatred the group tries to foster as part of its activism, which manifests itself in Tory … Continue reading Churches Should Ban Momentum

Antisemitic Oiks

BY RUTH LEVINE Remembrance Sunday is always a warm and peaceful event for my family. We come together at my brother-in-law’s home in Stratford to remember my husband’s late father who fought at the Battle for Caen in the summer of 1944. His medals are laid out alongside the medals of my own Grandfather who escaped Alsace in 1915 aged just sixteen to fight alongside the … Continue reading Antisemitic Oiks