Exquisite UK Knife Making

BY NICK PEARCE The beauty of this country is that every now and again you get to stumble across a master craftsman at work. Some people can train for years and never be at the top of their trade. Others are just born with it. When you see the work of knife maker Joe Smalley you know you are handling elite knives, the kind that … Continue reading Exquisite UK Knife Making

Slipperals: Owen Jones & Mark Steel

BY SAM WHITE Brexiteers have copped a lot of abuseĀ over the past few months for allegedly being swayed by emotion and ignorant of the facts. I no longer care about this palpably incorrect nonsense. The Brexiteers I know are sometimes almost obsessively well-informed about the EU, in many cases far more so than the bovine whingers who plumped for Remain because the establishment told them … Continue reading Slipperals: Owen Jones & Mark Steel