Universal Basic Logic

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Watching opportunists using the Coronavirus crisis as a lever with which to implement Communism is simultaneously entertaining and dispiriting: Someone sent me this photo of the @c2c_Rail this morning from Southend to London, who are running a reduced service so everyone’s crammed on the train. This situation is utter madness, the government has to announce a universal basic income and call a … Continue reading Universal Basic Logic

Universal Basic Income a Farm Subsidy Solution?

BY BEN EAGLE Once a niche idea, universal basic income is now being taken seriously as an answer to many of the problems faced by the modern world. In essence, it would involve paying everyone a fixed amount each year, whilst removing most benefits, to enable us all to live a better quality of life and sustain the consumption of products in the light of … Continue reading Universal Basic Income a Farm Subsidy Solution?